Modular kitchen: SEI gets a new look

When Marc Sadler was thinking about a new modular kitchen for Euromobil in 2018, he imagined one that would be youthful, simple, and functional. In order to design it, he chose a number which would act as a constant throughout all of the components in his project. He chose the number six (sei in Italian) and this would become the name of Euromobil’s new kitchen.

Available in a wide variety of compositional and aesthetic solutions, this modular kitchen’s profiles are all six-millimeters thick. It is a model which allows for an almost infinite number of customizations and can get the most out of the special organizational and storage systems in the Euromobil catalog

“Sei as in six millimeters, which is the thickness of tops, side panels, shelves and accessories…the panels look like blades which only Italian flair could have made possible. I juggled with materials and colors, mixing wood, marble, steel and laminate for a single purpose: to create a simple but functional project with a wealth of extraordinary materials which have been enlivened in the interiors by the use of colors. All this was made possible by artisanal traditions, attention to detail and technological innovation.” Marc Sadler

The SEI modular kitchen evolves

On the occasion of Milano Design Week, Euromobil presented an evolved version of the  SEI kitchen. While leaving the structural qualities and characteristics of the kitchen intact, two noteworthy features were mainly introduced:

  • an expansion of the compositional options
  • new finishes and colors

In short, the kitchen has acquired greater modularity to enhance its signature traits, offering lots of compositional freedom and customization based on the space. Likewise, the new finishes and refined colors can satisfy any individual needs and the various requirements of domestic style.

SEI’s new finishes

Specifically, SEI has introduced four new categories of materials. Among them, there is the matte embossed lacquer which is capable of providing a touch of timeless refinement. Plus, there is also exclusive anodized lacquer which guarantees a unique tactile sensation and one-of-a-kind brightness. For those who love a natural look, there is Sandy Chestnut wood for creating a warm and authentic room.

Lastly, as the latest highlight of the collection, there is the new natural quartzite stone, an exclusive choice which provides unparalleled beauty. Moreover, the range of Fenix finishes has been updated and enhanced to offer a wider variety of colors (more than 85% than before): from the delicate hues of soft pink to the elegance of light blue.

In addition to these varieties of finishes, extra elements and accessories have been introduced which further enhance the array of options. These include new heights for the wall units and tall units and an innovative rotary snack bar.

Browse the gallery of the new SEI kitchen

SEI stars in an original storytelling project

In order to recount the evolution of the SEI modular kitchen, Euromobil chose a unique communications’ tool: a storytelling project with words and illustrations. Giorgio Terruzzi, a journalist at Corriere della Sera, wrote about the SEI kitchen in six different stories which would later be turned into images by Victoria Krylov, an illustrator for the New Yorker.

Check out the images by Victoria Krylov

In these stories the most significant and innovative characteristics of the kitchen become the backdrops in the lives and stories of various characters. With locations in Venice, Copacabana, Paris and New York, the SEI kitchen goes on a journey and adapts to the various (expertly illustrated) settings while maintaining its uniqueness and unmistakable design.

Euromobil, a leading company in modular kitchens

Euromobil, one of the pioneers in the production of modular kitchens, is an integral part of the Gruppo Euromobil. The Venetian company has set itself apart with its ambition to go beyond the idea of traditional kitchen and storage furniture, offering authentic architectural creations which are capable of redefining the domestic space.


Its innovative approach transforms spaces by making, shaping, and adapting them to individual needs. Their use of fine materials and savoir faire are central to the production process in which design gets seamlessly blended with architecture, giving birth to spaces with various forms and functionalities.

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