Pendant lamps: sculpted light from LAGO

We all know that the Salone del Mobile is the ideal setting for introducing the public to the year’s new releases. That’s why LAGO made a stylish debut into the world of designer lighting with stunning five lamps during the 61st iteration of the event.

These five pieces have bold personalities which provide spectacular lighting effects. When they are lit, marble veining comes to life and the irregular-shaped surfaces inspired by the forms of precious stones and gems create evocative transparencies.

Daniele Lago

“Today we proudly and happily announce our entry into the world of lighting. It is a challenge we decided to take on a couple of years ago. We aim to be impactful in this sector and know we are capable of making interesting contributions. Our lamps come out of our desire to provide quality and durability—the cornerstones of our understanding of design—to new product lines. – Daniele Lago, CEO & Head Of Design di LAGO Spa.

LAGO, design with a human touch

LAGO stands out for its innovative approach to design which is based on the combination of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. LAGO has developed a one-of-a-kind aesthetic language which is characterized by sleek lines, geometric forms, and the use of natural materials like wood and glass.

LAGO Fabric

In addition to a focus on aesthetics and functionality, LAGO puts enormous emphasis on sustainability. The company uses eco-compatible materials and promotes manufacturing practices which reduce its impact on the environment.

With a genuine philosophical approach centered on people and the environment, “social transformation through design” is the motto which shapes company policy and can be seen throughout the entire production process.


Five pendant lamps come to light

Here are the five stars of this unique collection: five pendant lamps which fully reflect the company’s DNA. Their fascinating textures come from the use of the exclusive XGlass.

Due to the incredible textural capability of the XGlass finish which is capable of reproducing metal, marble, wood, fabrics, and many other textures, the lamps emit a magical aura which envelops the surrounding space.

Their names are Waii, Glee, Heiko, Heiko Double and Chic. Let’s take a look at them together!

Pendant lamp Waii (design Andrea Leoni + LAGO Studio)

The Waii pendant lamp seems to float in midair thanks to its interplay of inclined glass planes. In the center, a cylindrical luminous body spreads evocative lighting which plays off of the iridescent surfaces of the rings in fumè glass and alabaster XGlass.


Pendant lamp Glee (design Daniele Lago)

An iridescent gem or a dappled and ethereal cloud, Glee is a truly fascinating and elegant lamp. From the interior, the light creates a backlit effect on the glass plates, highlighting the veining of the XGlass marble.


Pendant lamp Heiko (design LAGO Studio)

With organic and sinuous forms which have been smoothed over by the wind, Heiko expresses nature’s charms in a piece of lighting. The indirect light is enwrapped in a shimmering shell made in XGlass in a marble finish.


Pendant lamp Heiko Double (design LAGO Studio)

A variant of the Heiko lamp, the Heiko Double is able to maintain the charm of the sinuous form in a more compact lighting element. A marble dome remains placed on the ceiling, while the diffuser is held up by a stem and hangs in mid-air to light the room with a soft and warm light.


Pendant lamp Chic (design Daniele Lago)

Daniele Lago has designed a delicate, flexible, and minimal lamp which expresses its style in its name as well: Chic. Its satin brass structure is enhanced by LED tube lighting.


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