With Vitrium the small bathroom becomes an intimate oasis

Vitrium by Duravit is a complete series of bathroom furniture which, thanks to reduced depth, is able to fit perfectly into a small bathroom as well. Its design is minimal and flawless and includes stripped-down furniture and innovative washbasins in DuroCast UltraResist.

Created by Christian Werner, a designer with a wealth of experience collaborating with Duravit, this collection stands for being the first in which he took care of both the storage elements and the washbasins, which can be paired with the line’s various bases.

“The starting point for this design idea was putting our normal habits under constant scrutiny. My goal with Vitrium was to redefine the design of the bathroom and the routines that take place within it. In addition to the kitchen and living room, the bathroom is in my opinion yet another comfy refuge,” stated Christian Werner.

Moreover, Vitrium has been made even more special as it is part of the Duravit Artisan Lines. This recognition applies to exceptional and iconic collections which have been created by the best international designers with superior know-how, the finest craftsmanship, and extreme precision.


A small yet fully equipped bathroom

In a bathroom with limited space, you shouldn’t have to give up on spacious furniture or be forced to use impractical and narrow washbasins. And yet, functionality is not the only aspect which determines our furniture choices. Aesthetics also play a key role in creating a welcoming and classy environment.

High-quality materials, refined finishes, and minimalist design give the bathroom an elegant and contemporary look. And Vitrium has been designed to offer the best solutions for compact bathrooms and beyond.

Vitrium’s features

The bases

The series includes vanity and wall units in various sizes with sleek and minimal forms. Made with a refined metallic frame, they come in a vast array of fronts. In order to provide a high degree of customization, they are offered in translucent and back-lit Parsol glass for a touch of lightness or various bilaminates which are available in solid colors or wooden looks.

The washbasins

For this series two different washbasin models have been introduced: a round sink or a built-in c-bonded sink. Both are pairable with the different bases from the collection and are made out of an innovative material (a composite mineral) which was internally developed by Duravit: DuroCast UltraResist.

C-bonded sink
Round sink

This matte, velvety and scratchproof material allows for the creation of washbasins with extremely slender profiles where it is even possible to add a layer of lacquer.

These two types come in various sizes, are characterized by a refined and contemporary look, and are available in two different compositional configurations.

The round sink, which is placed on a square or rectangular base, slightly protrudes beyond the edge, creating a dynamic interplay of lines. Meanwhile, the console version made with the c-bonded process is perfectly built-in to the base and creates harmonious uniformity within the space.

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