Custom kitchens: Euromobil’s systems

A large designer kitchen is the dream of many. However, when it comes to choosing one, we realize how complicated it is to find the right configuration for our situation. That’s why custom kitchens have had so much success in interior design projects. There are so many of us who yearn for complete compositional freedom!

custom kitchens

Gruppo Euromobil

We have often spoken about the creative capacity of Gruppo Euromobil, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Group is made up of brands like Désirée, Zalf and Euromobil—with the latter specialized in modern and technological kitchens.

What elements make up a custom kitchen?

Storage elements, panels, boiserie, snack tables, accessories and bookcases. The modular systems for the kitchen from Euromobil allow you to create a truly tailor-made solution.

Paneled or open storage units?

To conceal or display? The beauty of a custom kitchen is that you can combine both options, alternating open elements with bases, wall units, and columns with panels.

One of the can’t-miss storage elements from Euromobil’s systems is surely the Kabin Space line, the innovative system which creates large storage areas and authentic pieces of architecture. In fact, the Kabin Space systems allows you to freely design storage units, cupboards, laundry spaces, wine cellars and much more without having to carry out structural modifications. It is a must-have for larger spaces!

Glass panels

If open elements are perfect for quickly accessing objects and ingredients we constantly use, the display case is ideal for putting away and showing off finer china and special bottles. That’s why there must be a place for elegant glass panels like those of the Teca line.

A boiserie background

Decorating the wall above the counter with panels in various materials is an elegant solution and extremely practical for those who are designing a custom kitchen. The boiserie hosts all the shelves and accessories with various attachment systems for a wall you can freely design and outfit.

Snack tables

A snack table is a must for less formal dinners in a custom kitchen. We have a soft spot for the Rondò model, the elegantly beveled round wooden table with a single aluminum leg.


They say that the details are what make the difference. And, whether it is built-in lighting, amenities within the storage units, or object holders for the countertop, when you are finishing off the configuration it is important to think about accessories which will make the kitchen extremely refined and functional

The Gap system, a flush-mounted aluminum kitchen rack which can include various accessories, is a technological solution which provides that timeless industrial look.


Does the kitchen open onto the living room? If so, a double-face bookcase which creates a bit of separation between the rooms is a must. Our favorite? The Totem— one of the latest releases in the Euromobil catalog.

Do you want to design your custom kitchen?

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