Kids' Room

moretti compact

Loft bed: space saving in a nautical bedroom

Whenever we discover a new composition for the kids’ room by Moretti Compact, we immediately feel like going back to being children. I mean, who wouldn’t want a loft bed as their own private kingdom inside a splendid sea-themed room?

The cocooning “nook” in the kids’ room

The cocooning “nook” in the kids’ room

The bed with a bridge wardrobe creates a small enveloping cocoon in the kids’ room which perfectly sets apart the sleeping area. Minimalist yet enhanced by the wardrobe, the bed becomes the highlight of the kids’ room without taking space away from play and studying.

The study area: compact yet spacious

The study area: compact yet spacious

In the kids’ room a study area for working on the computer and doing homework is a must. So instead of opting for the classic desk, why not decide to go for a true home office?

A bedroom in sky-blue where order and relaxation rule

Antarctica is the main source of inspiration for this kid’s bedroom. A polar bear is spotted in the distance, next to silhouettes of icebergs and an igloo-shaped bed that seems to be floating on an ice slab.

An orderly kid’s bedroom

The latest trend for kids’ bedrooms focuses on smart designs and functional furniture such as open shelves, storage on castors and wooden panelling with integrated accessories…