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ceramic tiles

Porcelain stoneware tile: English Wood

For its latest collection of porcelain stoneware tiles, Casalgrande Padana took inspiration from one of the finest woods—oak—and has produced it in six different irresistible colors and laying positions.

anfibio sofa

Sofa Bed: Anfibio, a Seventies’ cult classic

“Anfibio” is Italian for amphibian and literally means “both kinds of life”, just like animals who live in both the water and on land. The name also applies to a cult classic of design: an unconventional sofa bed which doubles as both a piece of daytime furniture and a comfortable bed.

rito sofa

Sofas and armchairs, and a desk too: Rito by Désirée

The design of Rito by Désirée is an ode to the most sophisticated kind of simplicity. Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez have created a series of sofas and armchairs, plus an elegant desk, all which share slender metal structures.

Outdoor furniture: Baia by Ethimo

The Baia collection by Ethimo is one of the most intriguing new outdoor releases of 2022, together with its twin collection Costiera.

Lago design: new releases and timeless pieces

Lago needs no introductions as it has been furnishing homes, hotels, restaurants, and offices for half a century with pieces of furniture which have gone on to become cult classics.

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