Breakfast bar: Euromobil’s models

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s necessary for it to be functional. And, with the evolutions taking place within living spaces, Euromobil’s breakfast bar, which combines aesthetics and practicality, has become an essential.

modular kitchen

Modular kitchen: SEI gets a new look

When Marc Sadler was thinking about a new modular kitchen for Euromobil in 2018, he imagined one that would be youthful, simple, and functional. In order to design it, he chose a number which would act as a constant throughout all of the components in his project.


The kitchen island with a refined touch: Vulcano by Hartè

Modern and refined, Vulcano is a kitchen island which aims to discreetly amaze us without standing out with gaudy colors or flashy technologies. This convivial and modern kitchen island has gone for a gray and natural-wood color palette.

custom kitchens

Custom kitchens: Euromobil’s systems

A large designer kitchen is the dream of many. However, when it comes to choosing one, we realize how complicated it is to find the right configuration for our situation.


New kitchen? Choose an ecological model!

The choice and purchase of a new kitchen is a crucial moment for those decorating the home. This is especially true as the kitchen is the most complex product in the home.

Outdoor kitchens: our favorites

Outdoor kitchens: our favorites

Eating outdoors is a classic summertime activity. And cooking outdoors is this year’s latest trend. Outdoor kitchens are the new hotspots for socializing this summer as they offer the same functionalities of classic indoor kitchens while out in the open.