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Riflessi’s introduces a new modern living room dedicated to craftsmanship

At Milano Design Week, Riflessi has shown that it is at the cutting edge of the sector, producing some of the latest trends in the modern living room. The design brand’s concept transcends traditional furniture and embraces an idea of a kind of space which adapts to everyday needs, combining elegance, functionality, and a timeless look.


Riflessi’s new modern sideboards: a touch of class in your living room

Recently back in fashion in the furniture world, modern sideboards are
a combination of functionality and sophisticated design. Within this context, Riflessi stands out as a brand leader which is offering a new collection of sideboards which combine elegance and practicality to enhance your living room.

Balance in a Zalf modern living room

In un mondo in cui l’arredamento moderno gioca un ruolo sempre più centrale nelle nostre vite, trovare un equilibrio tra forma e funzione diventa fondamentale. In questa ricerca di armonia, esploriamo il living moderno firmato Zalf, che incarna l’eleganza contemporanea, sposando un design sofisticato con una funzionalità senza compromessi.

Enveloping armchairs: five informal icons from Giovannetti Collezioni

Giovannetti Collezioni’s enveloping armchairs are the essence of comfort and style. Within the universe of designer furniture, the company has always stood out for its ability to create one-of-a-kind and original pieces which are able to win over fans of informal design.

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Living room with a study area: a refined interplay of forms

In a modern and geometric living room with a study area, all of the elements must harmoniously fit together like a game of Tetris to create a convivial and relaxing space. Plus, in next-generation compositions, there even needs to be space for studying and working.