Sofas and armchairs: relaxation from LAGO

In order to speak about the identity of LAGO and its incredible furniture, we wanted to focus on its conception of relaxation, which is evident in an intriguing and technological lineup of sofas and armchairs.

“We believe in design as a tool for social change as it is useful for understanding and responding to the needs of contemporary living”

As we all know, and we have often spoken about it, LAGO is a global leader in the world of furniture. Led by a tailor-made approach to design, LAGO has even put together an eleven-point manifesto which sets out their ideas. It is this philosophy which permeates the sofa and armchair collections we will speak about today.


Modular sofas and armchairs

The Milano Design Week 23 is coming soon and the company is sure to keep on amazing us with more comfortable new releases. And yet, if we turn our attention to the sofas and armchairs already in production, we will find modular furniture which satisfies everyone’s tastes. The most recent and timeless pieces include: the Air sofa (Air, Air Soft and Air Free), the Happening sofa, the Slide sofa, and the Sand sofa.

The Air Sofa, the evolution of a cult product

Air is a modular seating system which offers itself up as a puzzle and reflects each of our individual tastes and needs. Versatile and adaptable thanks to its patented fastening system, it allows you to customize the seating by altering depth, height, and the number of pairing elements. Each sofa is therefore unique and freely reconfigurable also with regards to the fabrics and colors available. However, its extra-clear tempered glass base is what sets it apart with its superior lightness which makes you feel like you are floating above the floor.

Air Sofa, Daniele Lago design

Throughout the years, 2011’s Air system has been enhanced and reissued with new elements and technologies. In 2018, the Air armchair made its debut; in 2021, the Air Soft sofa increased the softness and comfort of the seats; and, finally, in 2022, the Air Soft Free introduced freestanding backrests which can be freely positioned.

Air Soft Free Sofa, Daniele Lago design
Air Soft Sofa, Daniele Lago design

Happening, a soft and comforting sofa

Designed by Mauro Lipparini, Happening is a collection of sofas and armchairs which calls back and pays homage to the soft and comforting forms commonly found in the Seventies. Today’s model, however, is seating permeated by contemporary design, also in terms of the materials and technology used in its creation. Happening presents itself as an ample and informal sofa which invites you to relax and socialize and, like the other systems, embraces the company’s philosophy of modularity and compositional freedom. With Happening, various elements which can be combined with one another get created: linear sofas, side sofas, peninsulas, trapezoids, and chaise longues.

Happening Sofa, Mauro Lipparini design

Happening, the armchair

In addition to the sofa, there is also the Happening armchair. A blatant invitation to relaxation and idleness, it is also characterized by soft and enveloping forms and the feeling of being wrapped in a warm hug. The armchair is available in three variants (one with armrests and two without rests) but they all include a floor support that feels as if it were a large pillow. These are informal and free-spirited armchairs which give a touch of originality to the space and create a relaxed and indulgent atmosphere.

Happening Armchair, Mauro Lipparini design

Sand and Slide, two instant classics

Respectively released in 2019 and 2014 from the vivid creativity of Daniele Lago, Slide and Sand are two innovative sofas which demonstrate the company’s desire to experiment. Sand is a seating system which seems smoothed by the wind and water and mainly stands out for its rounded profiles, self-standing backrests, and ample seating.

Sand Sofa, Daniele Lago design

Slide has a square and rigorous form with trapezoidal modules (a rectangle cut in two by an oblique line) and a reclined backrest which allow for greater compositional freedom and the ideal interplay of volumes to create a surprising and unique living room.

Slide Sofa, Daniele Lago design

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