Porcelain stoneware tile: English Wood

For its latest collection of porcelain stoneware tiles, Casalgrande Padana took inspiration from one of the finest woods—oak—and has produced it in six different irresistible colors and laying positions.

Oak in six colors

Oak wood is obtained from the powerful and long-lasting oak trees and has always been used in fine carpentry. Whether from Europe, America or Japanese, oak continues to be synonymous with quality and elegance. This is well understood by Casalgrande Padana, one of the leading Italian companies in ceramic tiles, which has decided to pay homage to oak with its English Wood collection.

Oak’s marvelous veining and natural colors have been meticulously reproduced in this collection of porcelain stoneware tiling. In fact, 6 color varieties are available and their names were inspired by the allure of the English, Scottish and Welsh countryside.

  • Cheshire
  • Dean
  • Epping
  • Galloway
  • Highland
  • Snowdonia

Porcelain stoneware tile laid any way

English Wood is available in three formats: the 20×120 cm and 60×120 cm formats have reduced thicknesses at just 9 mm, while the 40×120 cm version has a thickness of 20mm which makes it suited for the exteriors and raised floors for electric and water systems to pass underneath.

Whatever your project might be, there are lots of laying options for these three formats: classical and straight, diagonal, and Italian, French or Hungarian herringbone style. We do have one piece of advice: the choice of herringbone recalls classic wood floors and is perfect for giving an antique look to your contemporary or industrial interiors.

The benefits of porcelain stoneware tile

English Wood is versatile, dynamic and perfect for any space. In contrast with wood floors, porcelain stoneware tile can be supported by the latest technological solutions.

Firstly, the basic format and the exterior tile are available with non-slip grip surfaces, which are useful in high foot traffic areas and especially in the bathroom and outdoors.

Plus, English Wood is eco-sustainable, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial (thanks to Bios Antibacterial® technology) and fireproof like all of Casalgrande Padana’s collections.

Last but not least, porcelain stoneware tile provides solidity. Indeed, porcelain stoneware tile is extremely resistant and durable, does not lose its shape, and does not suffer from temperature changes. Plus, speaking of temperature, porcelain stoneware is the only material to use with heated floors (and warm, oak-effect flooring truly can’t be beat)!

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