Loft bed: space saving in a nautical bedroom

Whenever we discover a new composition for the kids’ room by Moretti Compact, we immediately feel like going back to being children. I mean, who wouldn’t want a loft bed as their own private kingdom inside a splendid sea-themed room?

Let’s take a look at some of the stunning details of this space-saving proposal and the decorating ideas in this room. We guarantee that both the kids and parents will be onboard.

moretti compact

The multifunctional loft bed

Much more than a simple bunk bed, Level Smart is an innovative space-saving solution which combines a loft bed, a wardrobe, drawers, and a desk into a single unit. We aren’t kidding when we say “space-saving”. Level Smart is just 215.3 cm x 102 (140 cm in an open position). This means that it is even perfect for a small 9 sqm room!

The loft bed’s access and safety

Reaching the bed requires the use of the stairs with wide, comfortable, and safe steps. And each step contains a spacious storage chest for clothes and toys!

Its special touch of genius, demonstrating how much attention goes into a Moretti Compact design, lies in the bed’s sliding mechanism which can be locked with a safety key. The Level Smart bed gets moved towards the wall during the day and extends at night when in use. In this way, mom and dad can always relax and the children can have more space to play without worrying about them hitting their heads against the loft.

Wardrobe and drawers

In the module, under the bed, there is a space for a small yet spacious wardrobe and four drawers. The inside of the wardrobe can be set up according to your own needs with clothes racks, shelves, and boxes.

The desk

The top of the dresser conceals another intelligent space-saving solution: the pull-out desk which shows up when the kids need to do homework or draw and slides back in when space is needed for playtime.

The theme: a nautical atmosphere

Every child has his or her passions and, let’s be honest, funny obsessions. Parents who are reading this are surely thinking about all the topics they’ve become experts on: dinosaurs, cars, cartoon songs, plants, animals, etc. Moretti Compact has therefore created the ideal room for little seafarers. Here are some ideas to copy or adapt to the tastes of the little ruler of your house!

The wallpaper next to the loft bed

The drops and splashes of water on the wall next to the bed ensure the kids will be wading through their imagination just before falling asleep and right after waking up.

The colors

Fortunately, Moretti Compact furniture is available in lots of colors. It is impossible to not find the right ones for creating the perfect atmosphere. In this one, the glossy sky and navy blue are key to creating the nautical mood.

The stuffed animals

Stuffed animals, puppets, and various characters star in the fantastic adventures created by our children’s imagination. These indispensable friends live in toy drawers and baskets and when they come out the bedroom becomes a magical space. And we really enjoy the octopus, fish, sharks, and pirates which roam and become a part of this nautical setting.

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