The kids’ room gets the most out of every corner

COVER: Moretti Compact, YC314 kids’ room

The kids’ room must be able to respond to various uses because it encapsulates their entire world of movement, creativity, studying, play, independence and safety. That’s why you have to get the most out of the space. With a spacious wardrobe, a well-organized study, a comfortable bed and lots of space to move around, this room uses a few well-designed pieces to create a lot of made-to-measure spaces. There is a comfortable and contoured corner desk, complete with a bookcase and archive, and a wardrobe which takes advantage of the entire wall and leaves a column open for a readymade mini-closet. Plus, the bed offers a comfortable padded headrest for reading and watching TV; and the asymmetrical nightstand hangs from the wall, doesn’t take up much space, and keeps everything nearby.

Style details

The corner desk.

Take advantage of the corner and take in light from the window. This is the perfect solution for a small, organized and comfortable study which does not take up much space.

The suspended nightstand.

There are two small, geometric containers hung on the wall in place of the classic nightstand. In the open compartment you can place books and magazines to have a mini-bookcase nearby at bedtime.

The open wardrobe.

An open wardrobe space with shelves and hooks is ideal for keeping bags, jackets and hats tidy (and ready for use) after school.

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