Sofas and armchairs, and a desk too: Rito by Désirée

The design of Rito by Désirée is an ode to the most sophisticated kind of simplicity. Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez have created a series of sofas and armchairs, plus an elegant desk, all which share slender metal structures.

With Rito in the living room, the space becomes light, refined, and sleek.

Sofas and armchairs: the floating seats

Everything started with the armchair which was introduced in 2020 and awarded with a spot in the ADI Design Index 2021 and the Good Design Award 2021. Then, in 2022, the sofa series was introduced with the same rod structure and included cushions which seemed to float in mid-air.

The Rito armchair

With a minimalist metal rod structure which contrasted with the large seat cushion, the Rito armchair’s refined form both enhances the living room and invites one to relax.

The reclined backrest and absence of armrests are what make it so enticing and comfortable, despite its simple look which is fit for any space (including the outdoors). Rita does indeed have a natural predisposition for the outdoors, thanks in part to its structure and its curved seat which recalls the classic lines of sun loungers.

The Rito sofas

The same compact design of the seating, which contrasts with the linearity of the metal rods, characterizes the Rito sofas and armchairs.

The sofas are available in various lengths with and without armrests and chaise longues and with a deep and soft seat with lower back pillows. The padding comes in down and polyurethane with a slatted support system, while the leather and fabric upholstery make it possible to offer many color options. As with the armchair, the Rita sofas are also available in finishes and fibers fit for the outdoors so you can create a truly refined outdoor living in authentic Désirée style.

And that’s not all, because the accessory which makes the Rito sofas even more brilliant, functional, and chic is the metal rod low table which you can place between the seats.

The desk

In perfect harmony with the sofas and armchairs, yet with its own unique style, the Rito desk by Désirée can be summed up in just two words: lightness and elegance.

As with the rest of the series, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez entrust the structure with the task of creating a distinctive graphical line. The metal rod creates asymmetrical yet balanced forms and supports the fine leather and wooden desktop.

Perfect for creating your own work space in the living room or bedroom, the Rito desk has an open drawer in bronzed metal and a Canaletto walnut drawer which are both upholstered in full-grain leather.

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