Outdoor sofas, a pergola, and olive trees: what more do you need?

While the snow is falling on some cities and others are experiencing milder winters, we, on the other hand, can’t help but continue to think about life outdoors. The inspiration of today’s furniture comes from a splendid Mediterranean setting: a living room with an outdoor sofa set among an olive grove. It is dedicated both to those who live in warm places and those who dream of the summer during the middle of winter.

As always, let’s take a look at some of the details which make this set up so special.

The backdrop

Let’s start from the location, which is actually much more than a simple backdrop. In fact, the atmosphere is what has inspired the furniture design. The setting we have selected today recalls magnificent Apulian farmhouses with olive trees and a perfectly preserved dry-stone wall. Obviously, we don’t all have a garden in Salento at our disposal, but there is nothing stopping us from getting inspired by it when creating a tiny living room on a small city terrace made for relaxing and traveling with our minds.

Mediterranean light and nature are what inspire the living room; and the outdoor sofa, materials, colors, and spaces are in perfect harmony with the environment.

The outdoor sofa

The star of this outdoor living room is the Solaris modular sofa by Fast. This modular collection revolves around three elements: the square module, the chaise longue, and the large and comfortable hexagonal module. The ample and rounded cushions give this outdoor sofa an extremely natural form which is in harmony with the outdoor spaces. Obviously, it comes in a stunning marine blue color.

The structure includes a detail which further recalls Mediterranean style: the armrest and backrests are enhanced by plaited flat rope, which obviously makes it weather-resistant.

The carpet and the sideboard

In a home in which the outdoor spaces get used often, the garden becomes the main living room and gets furnished as such. That’s why the presence of two strictly interior pieces doesn’t surprise us: the carpet and the sideboard.

A large carpet, especially in a natural fiber matched to the outdoor sofa, is exactly what is needed to set the relaxation area apart and move around barefoot between the seating and tables.

Meanwhile, the sideboard is an unexpected and surprising interpretation of the outdoor storage unit. In contrast with a tall piece of classic garden furniture or a bench, Ninfea by Fast is an aluminum-paneled piece of furniture which divides the spaces, keeps things in order, and adds a touch of elegance which even embellishes such an informal setting.

The bamboo and wooden pergola

The sun makes the garden lush and pleasant. However, it can also make it scorching hot. Therefore, a solution is needed to provide shade to the outdoor sofa. We enjoy this pergola with a solid wooden structure and a bamboo roof, as it is natural, ecological, and easy to replace!

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