Two-child bedroom: the best ways to furnish it

The two-child bedroom is a really popular solution for lots of families, especially for those which do not have enough space to create separate rooms for each child. Furnishing a room with two floor beds may seem like a challenge but, with a bit of creativity and planning, it is possible to create a comfortable and functional space for both children.

In its vast catalog of kids’ rooms, Moretti Compact provides numerous high-quality solutions. The KC324 configuration is a bedroom designed for two children and organized with completely customizable elements and elegant and cheerful finishes.

Setting up the space in a two-child bedroom

Before starting to furnish the kids’ room, it is important to efficiently organize the space which is available. Measuring the room and making a blueprint to clearly understand the size and layout of the furniture is key to organizing the spaces, while also considering the windows, doors, and outlets in the room.

Choosing the bed

The position and type of bed is essential for organizing a two-child bedroom. In this case, two floor beds have been chosen which offer greater space for movement and easy access for toddlers.

The beds are made up by the laminate-oak Start bed frame paired with the modern and clean design of the Iceberg headboard. Their superior design can be seen in the striking contrast created by the French blue color of their support legs.

Between the two beds, there is the Layer bedside table, an indispensable element which perfectly pairs with the beds. The model includes spacious drawers and a large recessed surface for holding lots of objects.

Above the beds, you can find the sheet-metal L-box wall units which are a solid choice for decorating the walls thanks to their brightness, playfulness, lightness, and durability.

Multifunctional furniture: a decked-out wardrobe and study area

When it comes to furnishing a two-child bedroom, it is necessary to get the most of the available space. It is important to opt for multifunctional furniture which offers various storage solutions like wardrobes with built-in drawers or a desk with shelving.

The wardrobe for a bedroom for two children, each one with different tastes and needs, should be chosen based on the proper division of the spaces. Both of the kids must be able to organize and easily find their objects and it is essential that the wardrobe is spacious so that they can be used in the future. In this case, the three-door wardrobe with two drawers and a Liberty closet takes care of everything.

The Liberty closet is a versatile element inside the room as it carries out two roles: as a storage area and a work space. In fact, it includes a peninsula desk and a bookcase for the study area. Taking advantage of the area next to the wardrobe is a simple yet effective way of organizing the study area.

Colors and decorations in the kids’ room for two

The wall colors and decorations can have a significant impact on the atmosphere of the kids’ room. For example, the choice of bright and joyous colors can stimulate creativity and the children’s imagination. To make the space truly their own, their personal tastes should also be considered in the choice of colors and decorations.

The palette chosen for this composition includes bright and contrasting varnishes: cherry and French blue. They have been paired with oak-wood effect and white laminates which provide warmth and elegance to the composition.

Two-child bedroom: a space in which they can grow together

In short, furnishing a two-child bedroom requires a well-studied plan, but can lead to a stimulating and enjoyable atmosphere for the kids. Getting the most out of the space available and getting the kids involved in the decoration and organizational decisions means creating a space which favors peaceful coexistence between siblings. With a bit of creativity and attention to detail, the shared kids’ room can become a special place for the kids to play, study, and grow together.

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