Modern bathroom: Antoniolupi reinvents the bathroom

If you think that the bathroom is a functional room where style is not so important, get ready to change your mind! Antoniolupi is on a mission to turn the bathroom into a living space where you can calmly pass your time. To complete this mission, they release aesthetically detailed products every year which are perfect for creating an authentic “living-bathroom”.

The living-bathroom by antoniolupi

In addition to being one of the world leaders in bathroom furniture, Antoniolupi is also a trendsetter thanks to the modern and sculpture style with which they interpret the space.

An antoniolupi bathroom imitates the living room and gets filled with unexpected items like seating, glass cabinets, low tables, carpets, and simultaneously turns washbasins, bathtubs, and accessories into sculptures.

The latest releases to reinvent the bathroom

antoniolupi’s proposals always captivate us with their unique touch and contemporary way of rethinking the rooms in the home. And this year’s new releases make us want to immediately start renovating! Among the most beautiful and spectacular products this year, we can’t go without mentioning the Wave washbasin and the Ofuro bathtub which will make you fall in love with your bathroom!

However, today we want to take a close look at a series of products which depart from the (splendid) stone and technological resins collections which have characterized their production over the last few years. With this selection we’d like to introduce you to the perfect new releases for turning the bathroom into a living space which you can furnish with a stunning style.

Ah, needless to say, all of these products can be easily placed in any other room in the home!

The minimal shelves

Tekna designed by AL Studio and Letteramuta by Gumdesign. The former, with its light and solid L-shaped aluminum profile, is a versatile piece which puts on its best face in the version with built-in lighting. Letteramuta, with its girder shape, is a clear homage to industrial style; it is equipped with LED lighting, holes, and slots for hanging up objects and towels

The poufs for relaxing

Looking for a soft and chic seat for kicking back while you dry off or do your beauty routine? The Pouf Paesaggi Sospesi collection is perfect whether they are round, square, or rectangular.

A carpet in the antoniolupi bathroom

That’s right, carpets in the bathroom! Once again Gumdesign is the name behind Volumi, a collection of 25 irresistible, irregularly shaped carpets with 3D and optical effects.

The multi-use low tables

The Pagine Scritte low table is a minimal object with a surface which catches your eye thanks to its parallel metallic bars (like lines on a page). Meanwhile, Roma is a small sculpture in Bianco Carrara or Nero Marquinia marble which was inspired the Eur district’s Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in the. The bathroom becomes ironically monumental.

To hang up towels and bathrobes

Cactus, designed by Brian Sironi, has an organic inspiration and goes from the floor to the ceiling to supply the bathroom with many practical hooks. Meanwhile, Rigo is a simple and minimal towel warmer which should be used in multiple compositions to create a stunning graphical look.

antoniolupi’s storage units

Two storage units for the bathroom were introduced in 2022: the  suspended columns of the Bemade series by Carlo Colombo and the Tramato console table by Gumdesign. The Bemade elements look like lockers which have been combined with the most elegant living room glass displays; and indeed, they are perfect both in the living room and bathroom. As for Tramato, this metal console table with semi-transparent inserts looks as if it came from a 1950s modernist living room. Who would have thought to put it in a contemporary bathroom? antoniolupi, of course!


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