The new eco-resin from Antoniolupi

Dedicated to sustainability and extreme functionality, Colormood is the new eco-compatible, non-toxic and revolutionary material from antoniolupi.

This recently patented resin has a special soft-touch finish which gives surfaces a velvety feel and 11 nature-inspired colors with a matte finish. Joining the palette released over the year, nine colors inspired by Tuscany and designed by Andrea Lupi and Gumdesign have been added: Mostato, Barrique, Vespero and Notturno. This color palette pays homage to Tuscany, the muse for all of the projects by antoniolupi and Gumdesign, and was created to bring out the reflections and shine of Cristalmood.

Fit for almost any bathroom, this material can be used for washbasins, tops, bathtubs and accessories from each of the Tuscan company’s collections. For example, the Borghi washbasins, introduced in 2020 in the Cristalmood and cork versions, now blend different colors and materials, including Colormood, and come in up to 300 alternative versions.

What are the advantages of this incredible resin? Durable, velvety and resistant to stains, fingerprints and scratches, Colormood is the product of particular technologies and the work of expert technicians and artisans who verify their high-quality performance and the company’s manufacturing processes.

It is a product which is completely Made In Italy and perfectly corresponds to antoniolupi’s style and quality. It is able to encapsulate the brand’s history, like every antoniolupi product, which is dedicated to the constant search of excellence in contemporary style, sustainability and innovation. It’s not by chance that during Cersaie 2021 the brand was awarded with the ADI Boot #design Award, which is given to the stands which distinguish themselves in the bathroom and tile sector. This award is fitting for antoniolupi, which always makes products with “a rigorous and well-rounded communication project, establishing a constant dialogue between the various aspects of design, clearly and flawlessly showing off the brand’s latest proposals and philosophy, and making the brand and its products unique for their effectiveness.”