Technology and craftsmanship: crystalline innovation from antoniolupi

With technological innovation and craftsmanship, Cristalmood, the special transparent resin patented by antoniolupi (the Italian brand specialized in designer furniture for the bathroom and home), is a state-of-the-art material with manufacturing in its DNA. During production, Cristalmood gets manually cast in its liquid state into molds and, once extracted, gets sanded and polished by hand to eliminate imperfections.

That’s why every washbasin, bathtub or accessory in Cristalmood is unique, unrepeatable and characterized by fine differences in color, size, thickness and small air bubbles which demonstrate its authenticity.

Antoniolupi has gotten us used to cutting edge projects which not only interpret bathroom furniture from a design and formal perspective, but from a technological one as well. And this material, which is as transparent as crystal and as resistant as stone, is proof of this. High-quality and high-performing, it is made of a fine polyester resin to which color pigments get added. This state-of-the art compound is versatile, anticorrosive, scratchproof, non-toxic and recyclable. Most of all, it is light thanks to its composition which reduces the weight of objects by around 30% compared to those made in solid surface. Finally, it is easy to clean as it requires common detergents and withstands denatured alcohol, oils, benzene and diesel.

Moreover, Antoniolupi does not give up on a contemporary aesthetic, which in this case goes for transparency in order to once again give water a central role in the bathroom. The result is a bathroom with washbasins and bathtubs providing a spectacular and enveloping atmosphere in various shades of color. Among the latest tones, there are Mostato, Barrique, Vespero and Notturno, four colors inspired by Tuscan landscapes—the muse for all of antoniolupi’s and Gumdesign’s projects.

Made specifically to enhance the reflections and brightness of Cristalmood, the new colors have been added to the Cristalmood _021 catalog (which already includes 13 colors: Ambra, Petrolio, Ginger, Ocra, Nebbia, Bottiglia, Cobalto, Lime, Sangria, Fumé, Ceruleo, Oleo and Gran Cru), which is ready to decorate antoniolupi’s products like the Ago, Albume, Opale, Senso, Vitreo, and Borghi washbasins, the Borghi and Reflex bathtubs and Asa, Nisi, Masa vases.

From the enveloping tones of autumn to intense shades of the evening, antoniolupi’s new Cristalmood palette evokes horizons, aromas and ancient hamlets and creates emotional atmospheres which go from the intense red of Mostato to the woody and spicy notes of Barrique, the sunset shades of Vespero and the deep blue of Notturno.

Cristalmood is sure to turn the bathroom into a sensorial experience dedicated to wellness and the most sophisticated elegance.


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