Sofa Bed: Anfibio, a Seventies’ cult classic

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“Anfibio” is Italian for amphibian and literally means “both kinds of life”, just like animals who live in both the water and on land. The name also applies to a cult classic of design: an unconventional sofa bed which doubles as both a piece of daytime furniture and a comfortable bed.

The structure-less (and timeless) sofa bed

Anfibio, designed by Alessandro Becchi for Giovannetti Collezioni, was created in 1970 and instantly became a hit. Not surprisingly, the ADI awarded it with the Compasso D’Oro, the most important prize in design, and design museums throughout the world like the MoMa in New York incorporated it into their permanent collections. After more than 50 years of existence, this historic piece is still capable of surprising us and adapting to new trends in home design.


How is it made? Anfibio is an unconventional sofa bed as it goes completely without a structure. It is made up of only a comfortable folding mattress, non-deformable polyurethane padding which makes up the sofa’s backrest, a steel core to provide solidity, and strap and zippers to allow it to change shapes.

Anfibio can be a nook, shared seating, a guest bed, or a double chaise longue for watching TV. It is a shape-shifting piece with a completely contemporary soul and wonderfully vintage look.

Watch the video to discover all of Anfibio’s transformations

The style of Giovannetti Collezioni

Anfibio is a unique sofa bed with a youthful and informal look. It became an icon of design for its ability to reinvent the sofa bed and the way in which we use it.

It perfectly sums up the style of Giovannetti Collezioni, the Made-in-Italy brand which has been amazing the public with its one-of-kind products since the 1960s. The brand produces unexpected forms and objects which are destined to become classics of design. In short, they create furniture which can’t help but turn heads.

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