How it’s made: Behind the scenes with Riflessi

Riflessi has always prided itself on being 100% Made In Italy in design, technology and production in order to offer a line of world-class furniture. So, we know where its furniture is made; but when you come across a designer product with such intriguing materials like the ones found in Riflessi’s collections, the question then arises: how is it made?

Today we’d like to take an interesting behind-the-scenes look at how the brand’s furniture gets produced.

The success of “How It’s Made”

Raise your hand if you have been mesmerized at least once by an episode of the classic program “How it is made”. The Canadian program created in 2001 took advantage of a simple yet brilliant idea: the products that we use and see every day are created with a process that very few of us know but which turns out to be interesting and fascinating. People around the world started to get into videos which show the production of objects, their materials and packaging processes.

Much in the same way, Riflessi decided to make a video which shows the “secrets” of some of their most successful pieces of furniture. We can’t get enough of them both for their ability to highlight the careful work which goes into every piece and for the satisfaction that comes with watching the videos. Check them out!

How is a mirror made?

Here is an object we all know well, but whose “technology” few of us understand. Riflessi’s catalog offers many mirrors in various forms and types.  Some of these are fusion mirrors with irregular and sinuous forms which are perfect as wall decorations, like the iconic Petalo or Venere. And this is how they are made!

What does “brushed brass” mean?

All of the edging, brushing and painting on Riflessi products are strictly handmade by expert craftspeople. The metallic surfaces then get treated with a brushed brass effect which Riflessi uses for many of its table, console, chair structures, as can been seen in the Manhattan or Cubric series.

The artistic use of resin

Give an artist a blank surface and epoxy resin and he or she will create a genuine work of art for the living room. With marble effects and Pollock-esque splashes, tables and sideboards like Essenzia are truly special.

How are the insides of the padded seats made?

The video continues with the making of the elegant and comfortable Carmen sofa chair. It is fascinating to witness the metallic frame and bands “drown” in the flexible cold-foamed polyurethane.

Find out more about Riflessi

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