Insulated doors for complete silence: the security doors which block out sound

We know that security doors offer a lot of advantages in terms of safety, protection, and energy savings. However, those who choose security doors are also looking for sound insulation, especially when it comes to exterior doors.

To help you figure things out, we have put together a list of what to consider when choosing a model and selected four insulated doors from the Di.Bi. catalog which have different looks and features.

Insulated doors: how they are made

Internal material

Soundproofed security doors are designed to greatly reduce sound transmission from the outdoors to the indoors or from one room to another. Soundproofing materials are what do the insulating, and Di.Bi uses high-density rock wool (around 120 kg/m3).

Rock wool, as the name suggests, comes from rocky material which gets compacted so as to maintain its fibrous structure. In fact, the presence of air inside the fluffy block improves both sound and thermal insulation. In addition to its high-performance, rock wool is also a natural material which is easy to dispose of and completely reusable.


Gaskets are another important element for insulated doors. They must ensure the perimeter of the panel remains insulated. In fact, the models that we have chosen are all equipped with a sound-blocking bar.

Exterior panels

The external panel of the insulated doors can be made with various materials which contribute to the solidity and the insulation of the door. With regards to style, in the case of Di.Bi. models it is possible to choose between various finishes and custom decorations. In fact, each product considers both safety and aesthetics.

Four Di.Bi. insulated doors

Di.Bi. is an Italian company which has producedsecurity doors and safety systems for windows since the Seventies. It is our go-to brand for its way of skillfully combining technology, design, and aesthetics. Its extensive catalog ranges from basic models to customized ones, for those looking for exclusive interior designs.

We have chosen four models with the best qualities for soundproofing. All of them ensure soundproofing up to 41-42 decibels.

Opentech – Sound security door

For sound insulation and complete safety, Opentech is Di.Bi.’s most technological door thanks to its electromechanical lock and fingerprint opening.

Meccanya Sound security door

Meccanya’s specialty is its mechanism which automatically activates the closure of the mechanical lock. It is a door which always protects us even if we forget our keys.

Sound Maxi security door

Sound Maxi is the perfect model for those who are looking for silence. With the aesthetic and technical features from the 883 and Poker collections, these security doors are best-sellers and extremely customizable.

883 – Sound security door

As with the Sound Maxi, 883 – Sound is a security door which is fit for any customization or need: in standard or larger sizes, indoors or outdoors, and in many colors and finishes.

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