The ancient living room experiments with opposites

COVER: Désirée, Von sofa

Black and white, ancient and modern, this contemporary living room experiments with contrasts to blend, in an aesthetic short-circuit, the imposing elegance of stucco and reliefs with metropolitan and convivial style. Thus, the bold, total-look black sofa joins the sinuous, cocooning and comforting armchair dressed in white. Meanwhile, the padded bench is presented in this daybed version in a warmer, natural tone in order to make it enveloping despite its minimalist design. Finally, a blanket, coffee table and soft rug take care of the rest. The ancient atmosphere instantly looks more familiar and relaxing, but without losing its aristocratic allure.

Style details

The black sofa.

Geometric, quasi classic and dressed in black, it highlights its vocation with contemporary style, but without going overboard.

ph: sofa Von by Désirée

The nook armchair.

Rounded, enveloping and ready to welcome us into its bowl-shaped form, it is an explicit invitation to relaxation; and in this white version it instantly provides harmony and balance.

The daybed.

With a neutral tone, a tufted seat and a pillow roll, this piece provides the latest in comfort and is rigorous in its forms and libertine in its positions.

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