The “industrial” living room is an homage to relaxation

COVER: Désirée, Ludwig sofa – design Roberto Gobbo

With armchairs, a sofa and bench, the contemporary living room makes comforting, convivial style its priority. Timeless elegance is what dictates its style—classic black and white, rigorous lines, minimalist functionality—with a vaguely industrial look, while its various interpretations of comfort give it an informal touch. The conversation area plays with sleek geometries and deep seating to gives us both the comfort of the enveloping armchairs and the freedom of movement of the roll-cushion sofa and the daybed. It is all there so we can relax in our own way without giving up on a refined atmosphere.

Style details

The sofa-bench.

Half bench and half daybed, this sofa has roll cushions in place of a backrest and fits our relaxation positions.

ph.: sofa Ludwig by Désirée

The industrial bookshelf.

Minimalist, graphical and absolutely functional, it covers the wall with a “light” look.

The white carpet.

This large carpet goes for a bright and soft white to warm up the entire space with impeccable elegance.

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