10 ideas for a flawless entrance

Let’s give a warm welcome back to spring and the desire to be outdoors. Opening the doors to move inside and outside, hosting friends, getting ready in front of the mirror for a night out, making lots of plans, and taking lots of walks is about to become more and more natural and common in our everyday lives. But are we sure our entrance is up to the task? If it’s true that the home is our all-round refuge, it is also true that the entrance must be both our flawless calling card (best to focus on style) and our detox room (best to go for a comforting embrace) where we can leave keys, bags, stress and chaos. So, it’s best to get ready now. A great entrance puts you in a good mood and can simplify your day because it helps you look good (before leaving), keep things tidy and nearby (when you are always going back and forth) and welcome you and your friends with the right atmosphere. If you think your entrance is too small, narrow, dark or difficult to renovate, check out these proposals. With decked-out compositions, a scenic and jointed lamp, a mirror/valet stand, and a partition for those who want to create an entrance from nothing, you will find lots of ideas to give the right to twist to the perfect, customized passageway.


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