Native 1350 by Olmar, the fireplace for your wellbeing

COVER: Olmar, camino Native 1350

Who says that you have to have a large living room to take in pleasure in your own fireplace? Olmar has considered those who do not want to give up on the magic of a domestic fireplace, no matter what the conditions. Native 1350 is a built-in electric fireplace which does not need a chimney and can not only be easily installed in an already existing fireplace, but also be placed directly into the wall or integrated into a bookcase or boiserie.

It is just what is needed for those who live in a city apartment or rent. As it is built into the wall, Native 1350 does not take up extra space, but provides the effect of a genuine fireplace complete with a moving flame. If you think that spring is not the best season to start thinking about a fireplace, do not let the Native 1350’s look fool you. This fireplace is actually a system that includes three functions: purifying, sanitizing and heating.

In addition to emitting far infrared rays, aka “biogenetic rays” or “life rays”, which uniformly heat and provide an immediate a sensation of wellbeing, Native 1350 purifies the air with a special silver ionization system (Dual AG+technology) equipped with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and sanitizes the entire space with ozone (Oxina Flame).

Plus, this system respects the environment as it does not use gas, wood or pellets, but FIR rays via a simple electric system (with 1800 watts), without moving the air or emitting dust. That’s why it has no need for a chimney or maintenance.

It is essentially the perfect solution for those who want to envelop themselves in a refined atmosphere which is fit for their wellbeing all-year round.


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