Natural wellness is the latest in luxury in the bathroom

COVER: Acquabella, Chrea collection

With neutral colors, a bright space and spatial separation which exclusively considers our wellness, the contemporary bathroom goes for the natural discretion of a relaxing atmosphere, where the balance of forms creates a wellness space with comforting intimacy. It is almost a tiny spa where the spacious shower and freestanding bathtub communicate in a Nordic-style nook which faces the view. On the opposite wall, separate yet well in sight, the vanity area is set up for two in an interplay of volumes and asymmetries which provide freedom without interrupting the room’s harmony. The final result is a large, enveloping, and relaxing bathroom where comfort and wellness become the new luxuries of everyday life.

Style details

The freestanding bathtub.

Oval, sinuous and slightly asymmetrical, this bathtub is emblematic of comfort and translates the new concept of the bathroom into an embrace.

The spacious shower.

Transparent, minimalist and large, this practical and scenic shower extends to the floor and creates an ideal haven for our wellness.

The double washbasins.

A wall composition is what you need to furnish the bathroom with lightness and practicality. The two washbasins with asymmetrical edges give the space the right touch style and dynamism.

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