Marazzi Ceramiche becomes a Historic Brand of National Interest

The latest news in the ceramic industry is that Marazzi has been included in the Register of Historic Brands of National Interest. This register, put together by the current Department of Business and Made-In-Italy, honors the most prestigious Italian manufacturers who have been in business for more than 50 years.

What is a Historic Brand of National Interest?

This special register, instituted in 2019 and overseen by the Department of Business, is currently made up of more than 500 registered brands who have been doing business for at least fifty years. It includes prestigious brands which are historically linked to Italy and its territory.

Marazzi, which was founded in Sassuolo in 1935 and has been able to keep the Italian ceramic industry fresh and represent it throughout the world, could not help but be included in this “Hall of Fame”.

Marazzi: history and design

The brands in this register work in every field of production, including food manufacturing, which, unsurprisingly, makes up half of the companies. The reason for officially recognizing a Historic Brand is to honor Italian knowhow and its significance and to promote important and long-lasting Italian business success stories.

Marazzi’s story is a genuine symbol of what it means to be Italian. This designer and creative business has been able to set trends and constantly innovate in materials, production, and style.

All you need to do is consider its innovations in the sector of ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles. These advancements have made Marazzi and the Italian district around Sassuolo a reference point for the entire world of ceramic.

From today on, the Marazzi logo will now be accompanied by the ad hoc brand created by the Department of Business, which attests to the Marazzi’s significance and exceptional history.

Marazzi, the historic brand in 12 tile collections

We have always been fans of Marazzi and couldn’t help but pay homage to it with a selection of some of our favorite tiles. We have chosen 12 collections which include some of the most classic products to some of the most recent ones. Check them out in the gallery (and if you want to find out more, use the form to ask authorized detailers for more information).