Interior Home Design: 12 projects furnished with Alias furniture

Alias is one of our go-to brands when it comes to creating spectacular interior design. After all, this historic Italian brand has been able to make technological levity its trademark style and has left its discrete and elegant mark on domestic and public spaces (and we have often spoken about it).

Not by chance, designers from around the world use its products in some of the most prestigious projects. So, in order to get inspired and uncover some interior design ideas, we have chosen 12 of these projects from modern interiors in Italy, Europe, and around the world which have been enhanced by Alias seating and furniture.

Modern interior home design in Italy

An iconic chair was chosen for this private home in Italy from Alias’ catalog: Laleggera. This apparently simple chair and tiny masterpiece designed by Riccardo Blumer has a hollow wooden structure filled with polyurethane foam. Unsurprisingly, it won the Compasso d’Oro in 1998.

The pairing: in this case, Laleggera stands out in its dark lacquered version and has been placed in a space with bold colors.

  • PRIVATE HOUSE project by Arch. Rocco Borromini, Italy

This time the Laleggera makes an appearance in two muted colors in this refined dining room. Meanwhile, at the head of the table, there is the Taormina Wood chair by Alfredo Häberli. The Taormina collection includes various types of structures but its enveloping and comfortable seating remains the same (half chair and half lounge armchair).

The pairing: various colors and models to avoid monotony; plus, there is an extremely successful pairing with a vintage table in a brass finish.

  • PRIVATE HOUSE Officina Magisafi Architecture, Bergamo

The Manzù Lounge is an irresistible piece for those who want a personal relaxation area. Don’t be surprised if it reminds you of a luxury automobile seat as this comfortable armchair was designed based on a historic project by Pio Manzù, a 1960’s car designer in.

The pairing: Manzù is perfect in this completely wooden space, but the truth is that it would be perfect anywhere. Obviously, the footrest is a must-have.

  • ROCCOLO Clusone BG project by Edoardo Milesi & Archos, photo by Ezio Manciucca

An outdoor armchair like this one is also perfect indoors! The Dehors collection by Michele De Lucchi has linear and slender steel structures with extra-large cushions.

The pairing: straight lines, orthogonality, and squares are perfect in the background to combine with Dehors’ rigorous structure.

  • CANTINA CUSUMANO, Palermo, Italy

Modern interior home design throughout the world

Everyone wants the Laleggera, and even more so in this famous project where the wood is the clear highlight. In the background the minimalist relaxation area is made up of two Slim Lounge chairs by PearsonLloyd.

The pairing: in this “brutalist chalet” wood is a must, but the chromatic surprise of the two blue and red lounge chairs also works perfectly.

  • SWISS HOUSE ROSSA Val Calanca project by Davide Macullo, Italy, photo: Alexander Zveiger

In this loft converted from a large warehouse, the kitchen is like an island with earth colors and its own vegetation. The Kobi Chairs by Patrick Norguet are light and delicate at the kitchen table.

The pairing: the steel rod plays off the stair railings and suspended and light architecture while the rest is solid and monolithic.

  • LOFT PANZERHALLE project by Arch. Smartvoll, Salzburg, photo by Tobias Colz

Modern interior home design is incomplete without a bold kitchen; and in a bold kitchen there can only be top-of-the-line seating. That’s why the Taormina Wood chair also appears in this open space in Vienna.

The pairing: a pale wooden table and chairs with legs in pale wood are simple and effective (the amazing kitchen block takes care of the rest!).

  • PENTHOUSE V project by Destilat Architects, Vienna

The Spaghetti chair was the first product made by Alias in 1979 based on a design of Giandomenico Belotti, and it was the first of Alias’ creations to make it into MoMA New York. The “spaghetti” are PVC rods stretched onto the steel structure. The round table is Biplane by Alberto Meda.

The pairing: Spaghetti is also available in gray, white, and black. But how can you resist this splash of red in a white kitchen?

  • PRIVATE HOUSE project by Antonio Huerta, Spain, photo by Francesco Bolis
alias design

This kitchen island in Sydney requires four bold stools. The answer: the Kobi Stool.

The pairing: light wood + petroleum + optical white is an idea you have to write down and copy!

  • PRIVATE HOUSE Lane Cove project by Interno 61 Sydney, Australia

In this bright home in South Africa, the work area is entrusted to seating by Alberto Meda: the Rollingframe desk chair and the Highframe chairs, which both come in aluminum and polyester mesh.

The pairing: this home office incorporates every activity in a small space: the imposing work desk, a peninsula table which is perfect for quick lunch breaks and a comfortable armchair for more thoughtful moments.

  • CONCRETE HOUSE project by Nico van der Meulen Architects, South Africa, photo by David Ross, Barend Roberts

In this Madrid home there are two pieces of light and minimalist furniture in true Alias fashion: the Aline bookcase in the living room and the Legnoletto in the bedroom.

The pairing: technological furniture made with innovative production techniques are right at home next to large pieces of modern artwork.

  • PRIVATE HOUSE project by Right Design Agency / Antonio Arjona Architect, Madrid, photo by Victor Torres / Bleifrei

We conclude with a splendid modern cottage in the Croatian hills which has reserved its most breathtaking view for the dining room table. Eight Taormina chairs with sled bases are a clear invitation to take your time at the table.

The pairing: bright red upholstery so the chairs don’t go unnoticed and a large round table to facilitate conversation and enjoy the view.

  • PRIVATE HOUSE, Hiža project by Architect Proarh, Croatia, photo by Damir Fabijani

Do you want to take cues from these projects? Find out more about Alias products!

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