Firma London, Modern Era Design in Berlin

Berlin, Charlottenburg, Grolmanstrasse. In an exclusive road just off Savigny Platz, there is a small gallery specializing in Modern Era Design; namely, twentieth century to the present day, with an emphasis on Italian manufacture.
A premier furniture selection, home accessories and gorgeous glass chandeliers, all by leading designers, have helped Firma London become an international port of call for refined design of the highest quality

A pair of silver table lamp: “Bamboo” by Ingo Maurer for D M Munich (Germany 1968) on a “Torpedo” rosewood sideboard by Tom Robertson (Scotland 1960s)

A dream store

Firma London was established in 2008 and owes its name to the past of its owner: a German – Sandra Tietje – who lived in London for fifteen years, becoming a key feature on the fashion and art publishing scenes. However, it was the thrilling international vibe, which broke out after the fall of the Berlin wall, that convinced her to return.

She used all her knowledge and passion for Modern Era Design to achieve her dream store.

In the Berlin gallery space, Firma London displays chairs, armchairs, tables, kitchen dressers and shelving; almost all the pieces you need for your living room. Besides furniture, you can also find key pieces for a truly Modernist style: vases, mirrors and a variety of different lamps.

In photo: an example of the products present in the showroom:
  • “D-120” lounge chair by A. Bonetti & V. Borsani for Tecno, Italy 1966
  • Arched floor lamp similar to “Arco” by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos, Italy 1960s
  • Rizzo-style 2-door sideboard / bar cabinet by Sabot, Italy 1972
  • Magnetic eye ball floor lamp by Goffredo Reggiani, Italy 1970s

Sandra sources her pieces from auction houses and small galleries around the world. She is even developing a new warehouse in Lucca, Tuscany to stock all of her “treasures”. This vast space, in an old weaving factory, is being converted into an amazing showroom, which you can visit by appointment.

Project info

Firma London

Opening time
by appointment only

Grolmanstrasse 15
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg



Mobil:  +49 151 6885 7268

Foto: Courtesy Firma London

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