The outdoor lounge gets on a platform

COVER: Kristalia, Palco sofa – design Sam Hecht e Kim Colin

Inspired by classic pallets, these platforms become the ideal foundations for creating a practical and chic outdoor lounge. The padded seating, which look like soft and freestanding monoliths, get arranged on platforms in teak slats with a metal base. This interplay of volumes creates a comfortable living room which comes complete with an angular composition of a chaise longue and tabletop. Simple, rigorous, yet versatile, it is ready to join the rounded lounge armchair and the pedestal table in white Cristalplant® to better organize this convivial space. Framing the entire scene, there is a mélange carpet with side fraying—a tiny touch of style which breaks the functional design in order to pander to the summer in this ode to freedom.



Style details

The lounge armchair.

Providing all-round comfort, this armchair is deep-seated, extremely soft, in polyester and has plastic slats. Light and comfortable, it even has a zipper so you can effortlessly take off its cover.



The pedestal tables.

They get inserted directly under the sofa (but also work as nightstands) and are durable, eco-sustainable, recyclable and striking. What else can you ask of an outdoor table?


The frayed carpet.

With a mélange fabric fit for the outdoors and fraying on one side, this minimalist carpet becomes a striking piece of décor.

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