Biophilic design: nature designs a (better) bedroom

From the office to the bedroom, the keyword has become biophilic design. The latest trend in furniture and architecture looks to nature not only as a decorative element, but a genuine constructive element and source of wellbeing. Among online searches for the home, the term “biophilic” is dominating (with a 100% increase according to Pinterest), especially in spaces dedicated to relaxation and intimacy, which first and foremost includes the bedroom.

But what’s it all about? Biophilic design focuses on close contact with nature and the pleasure of green spaces in order to help us find harmony with our inner selves and the surrounding environment. It appears that the Millennials especially feel this need, wish to surround themselves with plants and are looking for design solutions which allow them to create ad hoc compositions and spaces. It begins with the choice of materials, which are becoming more ecological and sustainable. For example, on the bed, recycled PET bedspreads and quilts, bio-cotton sheets, or simply floral textures or leaf patterns, and references to the outdoors are preferred, as long as they provide a natural space and atmosphere.

“After all the time spent indoors during the past two years, biophilic design is an interior design trend that will stick around until the end of 2022, especially in the bedroom,” claims Lara Zambaiti, marketing manager of Cotonificio Zambaiti “which is the most relaxing space in the home. Our bedspreads with HD photographic prints are especially popular, as they make you feel like you are lying in a meadow or on a dock surrounded by seagulls. Plus, floral and leaf designs with delicate looks are also popular as they bring an idea of freshness to the room.”

Spring is the season which reawakens our design to renew the home and give more breath to our spaces. That’s why one tends to start from the bed linen, which becomes lighter and fresher, but also more geared towards a natural and relaxing atmosphere, helping us relax better and recharge our batteries.

And while green spaces, botanic compositions and natural textures increase in the home, there are already those who are thinking about enveloping the office in nature as well. In fact, in the ex-Rizzoli area in Milan, Kengo Kuma and Associates, the undisputed world leader in organic architecture, together with Stefano Mancuso, the world-famous botanist known for his innovative approach, will give life to brand-new biophilic office. The project is called Welcome and promises to become the new manifesto for the cities of the future as it will be among the most sustainable ones ever made, with natural and botanical elements becoming fundamental and not only decorative.  All of which helps us to reconnect with the planet and strive for a future dedicated to wellbeing.


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