Non-stop outdoor living

COVER: Fast, Ria Soft collection – design Alberto Lievore

In the center of the scene there is the obligatory living-room area with a large sofa, armchair and coffee table. It overlooks the pool with its sinuous lines and relaxing colors which invite one to enjoy time with family and friends. Meanwhile, nearby, a chair seems to have gone off in search of a bit of quiet. Discrete and off to the side, it is paired with a table and ready to welcome us for some private reading time. The forms are enveloping and soft, the colors delicate, and the style slightly imitates living room furniture (there is even a sideboard) to provide a welcoming atmosphere. It is perfectly fit for a relaxing summer atmosphere where one can pass time with others or alone with a book.

Style details

The chair and side table.

With two simple pieces of furniture you can have the perfect, private relaxation area for the garden, terrace or porch.

ph.: collection Ria Soft by Fast

The soft sofa.

Comfort becomes chic with rounded forms, an enveloping backrest and soft cushions in a dusty-pink tone placed on an aluminum structure.

The sideboard.

It seems like it accidentally made its way outdoors, and yet it can become the perfect piece to create an enveloping “domestic” atmosphere in the garden.