Euromobil designs elegance in the kitchen

The secret recipe for a flawless kitchen? Euromobil has found its answer in two exceptional ingredients: art and design. In this perspective, the kitchen becomes a space which is organized around architectonic structures that tastefully support and frame the various areas. “Design generates space” is Euromobil’s claim. Indeed, its kitchens are the perfect combination of functionality and style and have infinite design potential. If the lines of the models presented by the brand are clean and contemporary, it is their modularity and custom solutions which defines the soul of all its kitchens.

Among the many new releases from Euromobil, the modular systems and functional storage systems stand out. They have been designed to create a customized space around the stove. First off, there is Kabin Space: the innovative system that allows you to create containment areas without structural work in complete freedom. Made up of retrofitted furniture and designed as a genuine architectural structure, it includes an exclusive sliding door element which has no bottom runners. Pivot also is a system which stands out for its pivoting door and rototranslating movement. It is a clever solution because it allows for two-way opening for easy use even with busy hands. Last but not least in the kitchen, there is the External Tall Corner unit. Designed so you don’t lose a millimeter of space, this column can be opened on two sides and completes the Cabinet system. Thanks to its pocket door, this cabinet gets the most out of the space and conceals all of its features, but offers complete freedom of movement. Compact yet genius, it can host a mini-kitchen, an oven column or pull-out counter spaces.

Rigorous, superficially minimalist, yet well-equipped and meticulously detailed, Euromobil’s new systems include a series of smart solutions in a sleek and minimal look. In perfect Euromobil style, they allow you to divide the space based on your own needs without giving up on formal and contemporary elegance.