Désirée brings the comfort of its seating to outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces are the latest challenge for Désirée, the company which has made the search for total comfort its defining characteristic. Over the last two years, the brand has introduced three new collections into its vast product catalog which have been designed for the outdoors: Haneda, Karine and Javea.

These three products are perfect in outdoor spaces like terraces, gardens, and porches. Haneda is a modular seating system which is already available for the interiors; Karin, another expansion of a pre-existing indoor collection, is a small family of seating with an oriental vibe; and lastly, Jaeva is the first carpet made for the outdoors from Désirée.

As with all of Désirée’s creations, each piece is masterly crafted and designed for superior comfort so one can relax and take in moments of pure happiness in a sophisticated and welcoming space.

Désirée, a company with a passion for comfort

In the world of interior design, few companies are able to captivate and excite the public like Désirée. Founded with a passion for art and elegance in 1968, this Italian company has set the standard in the high-end furniture sector.


And still, Désirée hasn’t limited itself to indoor comfort. With an eye towards the future, the company has even brought its knowhow to outdoor spaces. Désirée’s outdoor seating has been made with materials which are weatherproof and resistant to various atmospheric conditions without sacrificing the brand’s trademark elegant design.

The latest furniture for the outdoor spaces

Désirée stands out for its attention to detail and constant search for innovative solutions which combine form and functionality. The latest proposals for outdoor spaces perfectly respond to the same principles of quality in both materials and manufacturing.

The Haneda Collection, design Marc Sadler

Created by Marc Sadler, a designer who has designed numerous collections for the company, Haneda is an innovative system of seating inspired by traditional tatami. The collection stands out for its unusual flexibility and offers countless compositional combinations. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to setup the seating on wooden foundations or soft rugs supported by mattresses which allow one to customize the seating based on personal preferences.

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This versatility also extends to the Haneda outdoor version which includes additional advantages to those who wish to furnish terraces and covered porches. In fact, thanks to its special design for outdoor spaces, the collection is fully capable of enhancing its features and ensuring both resistance and durability.

The Karin Collection, design Shei & Shinobu Ito

The Karin collection, designed by the internationally renowned designers Shei & Shinobu Ito, embodies the allure of the East in a series which includes a sofa and armchair. With modest lines, these pieces of furniture stand out for their refined ash woodworking and natural leather piping. The result is an extremely elegant and sophisticated project.

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The Karin sofa and armchair are available in the exclusive Vibrazioni collection of fabrics by Rubelli. These fabrics which have been made with high-quality technical fibers are resistant to the loss of color caused by sunlight. The Vibrazioni collection stands out for its compact patterns which recall traditional craftsmanship, with irregular tweeds which create fascinating contrasts and harmonies. The disjointed geometries and designs provide a contemporary jacquard look.

The Javea outdoor carpet, design R&D désirée

Javea is an innovative outdoor carpet which sets itself apart for its attention to sustainability. Made completely out of recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate), it includes a flat weave and a latex underlay.

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This carpet is ideal for embellishing gardens and terraces thanks to its compactness. Javea is available in three natural colors: sand, sackcloth and umber, which perfectly match with the outdoor spaces.

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