Oluce lights up the home with its new table lamps

We all know how important table lamps are for our lives and how difficult it is to find the right one. That’s why Oluce, the legendary Italian lighting company, has introduced three new high-quality table lamps this year. Unique designs created by Italian and international designers, these models stand out for their aesthetics and extreme attention to design and manufacturing.


The new creations provide the perfect combination of functionality and beauty and provide state-of-the-art lighting which seamlessly pairs well with various settings and furniture styles. Every detail has been carefully designed and manufactured, providing further proof of the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the lighting sector.

The new table lamps from Oluce have been designed to be highly decorative both when off and on. They have been created to exalt the space in which they are located and get noticed for their forms and materials.

Three new table lamps and a reissued icon

The table lamp is an extremely versatile piece of lighting which can be used to illuminate a specific work area or create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in any room. They can be placed on tables, desks, bedside tables or other countertops to provide a direct and concentrated light source. Oluce perfectly meets these everyday needs with its new products.

The Atollo 238 lamp, design Vico Magistretti

Atollo 238 is a new interpretation of the iconic Atollo lamp by Oluce which was designed by Vico Magistretti in 1977. The new version in a satin black nickel finish provides this icon of Italian design with a bold and rigorous look.

Atollo’s pure geometric forms, like the cylinder, cone and half-sphere, are harmoniously combined and create functional and symbolic compositions. Equipped with a dimmable lighting system and available in three different dimensions and finishes, Atollo is a table lamp which provides timeless elegance.

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The Dora lamp, design Angeletti & Ruzza

Angelett&Ruzza have created a lamp with refined and balanced lines for Oluce which radiates intrinsic, aristocratic, and tasteful elegance. Dora is a collection of interior lamps which combines the comforting warmth of the glass diffuser with the modesty of the metallic which supports it.

With delicate lighting and antique charm, its classical forms have been toned down and modernized through the simplicity of the stem and metal base. Its gentle minimalism is what sets it apart.

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The Calamaio lamp, design Marco Cervellieri, Giulia Di Lorenzo and Giacomo Montini

Calamaio is the result of the first collaboration between Oluce and three talented Italian designers: Marco Cervelleri, Giulia Di Lorenzo and Giacomo Montini. This desk lamp stands out for its extreme minimalism and freedom of movement. Thanks to its rotating head assembled on a rotating structure, Calamaio is capable of transporting light wherever it is needed.

Made entirely in metal, it includes a LED lighting source at its end which produces a direct light beam. Light and flexible, it stands out for its bold colors and glossy finish in scarlet red, yellow mustard, and satin black nickel.

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The Medusa lamp, design Quaglio-Simonelli

Medusa is the result of a collaboration between Oluce and the Italian design duo of Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli. This glass table lamp is based on the idea of setting a metal dome within cylinder: the dome contains the light source while the glass cylinder delicately distributes the light to surfaces.

In the Medusa lamp, the relationship between the base and the lampshade gets inverted: the base does not support the lampshade but contains it. The dome, which holds the light, remains suspended within the cylinder thanks to an elegant bending of the glass. The power cord finishes off the design as it freely descends from the center of the diffuser and creates undulating reflections and provides lightness to the lamp. It is available in three colors: glossy black, satin gold, and scarlet red.

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In conclusion

Table lamps play a key role in the furnishing of a space. They can be used as decorative elements to add a touch of style and personality to a room thanks to the variety of their designs and materials.

The right table lamp can contribute to creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in any space, whether it is a soft light for evening reading or a stronger light for the office or work.

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