Nordic inspiration for good rest

COVER: Gervasoni, Double bed- design Paola Navone

The bedroom reinterprets Nordic style by mixing bright and neutral tones with warm fabrics and wooden accents that bring craftsmanship and a familial atmosphere to mind. The highlight is the bed in the center of the room with its pearly tones on a mélange fabric and large cushions on its headboard which provide an immediate cocooning effect. Meanwhile, the rocking armchair brings us back to our childhood story time and the padded bench at the foot of the bed invites us into a new, informal and contemporary style of comfort. Nearby there are small accessories like the wicker lamp or artisanal stand which replaces the typical nightstand. And what about a metropolitan touch? Well, there is an anthropomorphic mirror that hides a small yet practical bookcase.

Style details

The padded headboard.

With two large cushions which envelop and embrace, the headboard becomes emblematic of comfort made-to-measure.

The rocking armchair.

It looks just like the classic version and instantly adds a familiar and relaxing allure to the space.

The mirror-bookcase.

Ironic, naïve and practical, the man-shaped mirror conceals a series of shelves for organizing books and small objects.

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