Living room with a study area: a refined interplay of forms

In a modern and geometric living room with a study area, all of the elements must harmoniously fit together like a game of Tetris to create a convivial and relaxing space. Plus, in next-generation compositions, there even needs to be space for studying and working.

In this composition which plays with the contrasting colors of quartz and graphite with an elegant touch of olive, the home-office area is well-organized and functional.

living room
LV119 Set by Moretti Compact

The interlocking forms on the wall become a light and elegant bookcase with slender shelves and a contrasting storage unit. The TV area is minimal yet well designed with just a few pieces. Finishing off the space, there is a spacious, square, and elegant sideboard and various accessories which, like small satellites, revolve around the sofa to create an archipelago of superior comfort.

Moretti Compact presents the living room with a study area

Moretti Compact is a company mostly known for its vast catalog of kids’ rooms, but over the last few years it has begun to propose pieces for the entire home. Its living room collection combines design, functionality, and comfort with extremely varied solutions which always have clean and geometric lines. Plus, Moretti Compact uses safe and certified high-quality raw materials, in this collection as well, which are environmentally and health conscious.

Style details of the living room with a study area

Let’s take a look at the style details of this modern living room which combines the relaxation area to the study area with refined taste and superior functionality.

The space for the home office

During the years of the pandemic, home working inevitably revolutionized domestic spaces, creating new requirements in terms of organization and furniture. In this composition, the area dedicated to the study or home office comes thanks to a wall-mounted desk which is aesthetically in line with the rest of the wall.

Made in graphite quartz, the top is deep and functional and designed to comfortably hold a laptop, lamp, and books. The desk also contains a back panel which provides a sensation of simplicity and order.

The unobtrusive TV area

The area dedicated to the TV opts for simple volumes and the absence of cords and loose wires. Everything is hidden to make the presence of the flatscreen TV on the wall as unobtrusive as possible.

The compositional elegance and the formal tidiness is provided by the storage unit in graphite laminate, a Wallbox model with three drop-down panels, which holds the cable box and the wireless device.

A supporting cast of accessories

To finish off this organized, comfortable, and elegant space, there had to be a few accessories which are both useful and fundamental to creating a well-rounded living room.

In the center of the room, to emphasize the geometry of the composition, there is the minimalist and practical Cage coffee table with a glass top and lacquered frame. Meanwhile, next to the sofa, there is a smaller and extremely helpful Cage side table.

Lastly, there is a nomadic pouf which moves throughout the room to offer seating while studying or for putting up one’s feet afterwards.

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