Contemporary living room: the latest releases from Désirée

The common thread running through the latest collection from Désirée, a leader in the sofa sector, is the concept of a contemporary living room which extends into every aspect of contemporary life. Present at the latest edition of the Salone del Mobile, the company has decided to opt for four remarkable designers (three of whom are already “in the catalog” and a prestigious new entry) to create unique pieces which reflect the brand’s new approach to design.

Tobia Scarpa, Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, Setsu & Shinobu Ito and Marc Sadler are the designers who are masterfully reformulating Dèsirèe’s new domestic boundaries.

Experimenting with variety and offering products which can exist in any space are the guidelines the designers, while following their own stylistic flair, have used to create a diverse collection which includes chairs, tables, armchairs and sofas.


With the 2023 collection, Désirée has demonstrated that it is always looking for new challenges, in a perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation, to design a contemporary living tailor made for everyday life.

Ciàcola, for an informal contemporary living room

Its name calls back to the roots of its designer, Tobia Scarpa, the internationally renowned Venetian architect who has lent his experience and creativity to create a small collection made up of a table and chair. These are two pieces of architecture with an informal spirit, just like Venetian-tavern ciacola (chit-chat), but with a universally recognizable design.

Designed to be placed together, yet not necessarily so, as they can also be used separately. Both of them have a walnut structure and metal joints and showcase sharp, intersecting, bold and clean lines.

Sheridan, Eben and Alix…three new stars of the living room

The collaboration with the design duo Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez continues with the creation of three aesthetically impressive pieces. The first one is Sheridan, a sofa with clean and sharp lines and proportional and symmetrical volumes.

The inviting seat, the backrest and armrest with trapezoidal forms are upholstered in various fabrics or leather and have been combined with customizable cushioning.

The second new release is the Eben armchair with its sensual form and extremely natural look. In this project, the innovation lies in its use of an unusual material for Désirée: woven wicker.

Made with a natural ash structure, Eben has a comfortable, rounded backrest which hosts a deep and inviting seat which lies on well-rooted legs.

Lastly, Alix is a sophisticated armchair which recalls an antique bourgeois atmosphere. The aesthetic highlight of the armchair is its high backrest and evocative leather-band weave.

The inspiration of this armchair’s weave comes from diamond-patterned decorations which were common in Milanese entryways at the start of the 20th century. This tufted look has been revisited in a modern key to create a lighter and more delicate piece of furniture.

Hints of the Orient in the new Tè chair

The chair designed by Setsu & Shinobu Ito has an organic and minimalist design with a few essential elements. The meticulous attention to detail and the use of natural materials openly express the designers’ Eastern origins.

The chair is available in natural or charcoal-dyed ash wood and fits perfectly with minimalist and comfortable contemporary furniture.

A new version of Haneda for an outdoor living room

Marc Sadler, a longtime collaborator with Désirée, continues his aesthetic journey by enriching the Haneda collection of seats which are inspired by tatami. Versatile and minimalist, Haneda expands its confines by becoming available in an outdoor version as well.

The new version of Haneda has been revamped with a painted stainless steel and Iroko wood structure, making it perfect for terrace, garden, or veranda furniture.

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