Balance in a Zalf modern living room

In a world in which modern furniture continues to play an increasingly more important role in our lives, finding a balance between form and function has become essential. In this search for balance, we’ve decided to take a look at a modern living room from Zalf which embodies contemporary elegance by combining sophisticated design with uncompromising functionality.

The essence of this modern living room revolves around a set of carefully selected elements, with the goal of providing an elegant and functional storage solution matched to a sculptural table. It all starts with the careful choice of the components and their layout within the space.

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The elements of the Spacemakers system in a modern living room

SpaceMakers Home, whose elements can be seen in the composition, is the result of an innovative collaboration between Zalf’s R&D center and Roberto Gobbo. This system includes modular storage furniture which has been designed to rationally and efficiently deal with the storage and organizational challenges of domestic spaces.

In this composition, the scenic background is created through a geometric pattern of Modulor panels, which act as a backdrop and support the hanging modules. The setup of the wall units recalls the look of a modern painting, where formal balance is based on the clever alternation of volumes and full and empty spaces. The visual effect is dynamic and thrilling and invites the spectator to explore the composition in further detail.

Colors and materials for a modern living room

One of the most distinctive traits of this modern living room is its palette of sophisticated colors. Dark and sophisticated tones overpower the scene on the marble-look floor and charcoal-finished panels. These base colors create a canvas on which two other key elements stand out: the naturalness of walnut and the transparency of glass.

In front of this austere setup, we can imagine the presence of a sofa with soft forms, maybe even with bright colors, and accessories like low tables, carpets, and poufs. This could offer a way of bringing about vibrant contrast in the space, spicing it up with powerful and dynamic vibrations and making the space more inviting and welcoming.

Style details

The display with doors
Placed near the table, this display unit with three City Glass hinged doors with a burnished frame and transparent glass has been designed to hold glasses and plates for dinner or an aperitivo.

The storage and display modules
Elegance and functionality available in three variants:

  • Plana push&pull drop-down wall units
  • suspended Plana bases with drawers and a push&pull door matched to the open modules of the Unoedue model
  • burnished metal shelves with lighting

The sculptural table
The table steals the scene with its sculptural base and round top and is ready to host guests for elegant dinners.

The retro chandelier
Hanging from the ceiling and placed above the table, this element creates a captivating atmosphere thanks to its copper-metal body and transparent diffusers and evokes the look of a castle.

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