Ferrerolegno’s glass doors in the new Madras® texture, design: Lissoni Associati

If you are looking for a design solution to elegantly divide the spaces in your home, Ferrerolegno’s glass doors with the new Madras® BIT 03 texture glass are the answer. These doors embody the essence of lightness and elegance and transform rooms into sophisticated and welcoming spaces

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Madras® BIT 03, Lissoni Associati design, is a texture which encapsulates the magical essence of glass, using an interplay of geometries and visual and tactile effects to create sophisticated and welcoming atmospheres in which light flows freely through the spaces.

The glass BIT 03 texture: lightness and transparency

The Madras® texture provides Ferrerolegno’s glass doors with a soft, airy, and suspended weave. This crystalline weave creates a subtle, almost ethereal, division between the spaces and harmoniously blends in with the surrounding space. It’s as if the glass became a fabric with such light weave that it looks “dematerialized.”

This texture without the weight of the fabric captures the magic of glass through its decorative spirit. The alternations between transparency and opacity create visual and tactile effects which turn the spaces into sophisticated and welcoming atmospheres, allowing the light to flow freely.

In addition to their aesthetics, the glass doors with the Madras® texture offer significant functional advantages. They are highly resistant to fingerprints and easy to clean, ensuring limited upkeep over time.

Ferrerolegno Collections

Ferrerolegno presents two distinct collections which incorporate the Madras® Glass BIT 03 in their design:

Cristal Collection

Door Cristal Basic
Door Cristal Frame

Scenario Collection

  • Models: Delineo and Visio
  • Partition system with endless potential
Panel Scenario Visio
Panel Scenario Delineo

These collections allow you to customize interior spaces based on your needs without having to carry out structural modifications.

Glass doors: technical specs and versions

The Madras® BIT 03 Glass is available in two versions: transparent or satined, in extra-light white, gray, or bronze, with thicknesses of 6mm and 8mm.

Satined gray
Satined extra-light
Satined bronze
Transparent gray
Transparent bronze
Transparent white

Ferrerolegno: a premium brand

Ferrerolegno is a brand with a history of excellence in the glass and wooden door sector. Founded with the goal of creating sophisticated design solutions for the interiors, the company has carried on with this tradition throughout the years.

With years of experience in the sector, Ferrerolegno is known for its attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship. Each door is made with fine materials, following strict production standards.

Moreover, Ferrerolegno is committed to environmental sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and production processes.

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