Comfort and elegance: the modern bedroom from LAGO

The bedroom is the most intimate space in our homes. It is the ideal oasis for rest and relaxation, but must be carefully and meticulously organized to create a welcoming and comfortable space. It is the room where dreams come to life and well-being takes centerstage.

Through the latest releases from LAGO, a leader in the design of domestic spaces, we’d like to present you with six protagonists for the home: a bed, a wardrobe, a walk-in closet, and three bedside tables—must-haves for furnishing a functional and elegant bedroom.

  • Bed-In bed
  • N.O.W. wardrobe
  • Comodini Class, Home e Livre bedside tables
  • Air walk-in closet

Bed-In bed, design Mauro Lipparini

Bed-In provides an enveloping sleep experience thanks to its headboard’s ample padding, which has been finished off with precise sartorial stitching. Its light and dynamic design has been created thanks to the flared shape at its bottom. Customizable with a wide range of fabrics, leathers, and LAGO eco-leathers, it offers one-of-a-kind solutions for everyone’s needs. The floor version even includes a functional storage box to get the most out of the space under the mattress.

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N.O.W. wardrobe, design Daniele Lago

N.O.W. is a wardrobe whose surface includes a glass door with an irregular pattern and no visible handle. This design perfectly integrates the wardrobe into the space’s pre-existing architecture. The way it opens will surprise you thanks to its patented pressurized opening system. And to provide countless chromatic and textural combinations, the glass panels are customizable with LAGO colors or marble, metal, and XGlass finishes.

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Class, Hom and Livre: three bedside tables for a modern bedroom from Daniele Lago

Class bedside table

Class is an impressively built modern bedside table. Its distinctive trait is the 45° build between its front and 8-mm thick top which comes wood or glass. Thanks to its elegant supports in tempered glass, which are available in an extra-light, smoked gray, or smoked bronze, the bedside table looks light and suspended, and is even fit for being placed in the center of the room.

Hom bedside table

Here is a minimal and suspended bedside table which amazes us with the elegance of its smoked glass. Its sleek 45° build creates an open element which stylishly hosts objects. Available with a built-in lighting systemHom provides captivating transparencies and creates a warm and enveloping atmosphere in the bedroom.

Livre bedside table

The Livre bedside table with its hexagonal top on glass legs has a one-of-a-kind sculptural look. The harmonious combination of materials—including Wildwood oak, extra-clear or smoked glass, and XGlass finishes—provides multiple aesthetic and design solutions for a truly unique bedside table.

Air walk-in closet, design Daniele Lago

Air redefines the concept of lightness in walk-in closets with its suspended volumes on solid supports in tempered glass. Its unique details—like extra-clear, smoky or bronze gray glass—blend in harmoniously with its lacquered shelves and storage units.

The dresser with its aluminum filigree, colored glass, XGlass, or Wildwood door highlight its impressive build. Air turns into a divider wall, a wardrobe without doors with an unexpected space for your television, or the ideal piece for entrances, common areas, or hallways.

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