New kitchen? Choose an ecological model!

The choice and purchase of a new kitchen is a crucial moment for those decorating the home. This is especially true as the kitchen is the most complex product in the home. It is the product which requires the most substantial investment and the one which lasts the longest.

The search therefore must take many personal factors into consideration. However, we’d like to introduce you to one of the latest releases in the kitchen sector which comes from the desire to offer an ecological solution—a theme which interests everyone, no matter what your personal needs. Its name is Respet® and it’s the new recycled finish from Euromobil kitchens. Let’s check it out.

A new kitchen and a recycled material

Today we are taking a look at the Euromobil’s Lain Respet® kitchen. The Lain collection sets itself apart for its extremely linear design which is capable of fitting into various spaces and pleasing various tastes. Its sleek beauty can be expressed in many different configurations.


This model is an angular kitchen on three sides with lots of full and empty spaces. It includes lots of storage areas and is perfect for highlighting the kitchen’s surface finishes.

And this is exactly what we’d like to talk about: the RESPET® finish from Euromobil. Available for the first time in the Lain collection, it is a green material which comes from plastic and a completely innovative film produced from the recycling of PET bottles. It is capable of increasing the durability of surfaces and, therefore, the lifecycle of furniture.

RESPET®, as in “respect” and Recycled Eco Sustainable PET, is doubly sustainable as it both recovers recycled materials and extends the life of a new kitchen, thus limiting waste over time.

It’s no surprise that RESPET® was awarded the Product Design Reddot Award 2017. The prize went to 3B, the Treviso company which developed the project over two years of research.

How are RESPET® panels obtained?

To make the RESPET® panels, a process of fragmentation and purification of the recycled plastic is required. This is followed by the creation of a technolamine obtained by extrusion. Extremely resistant, the surface is treated with an anti-yellowing coating that makes the color unalterable and consistent over time.

What colors are available?

Currently a new kitchen made with RESPET® panels is available from Euromobil in three colors: pebble grey, black, stripe grey. The latter was chosen for the kitchen in the photo alongside white lacquer and the smoked glass of the display piece.

Looking for more ideas for your new kitchen?

Euromobil is one of the leading Italian brands in innovative kitchen design. That’s why we never miss out on its new releases, like the latest solutions presented during the most recent Milano Design Week. If you’d like to ask a question, make an appointment, or find out more about the Lain RESPET® kitchen and its other collections, just fill out the form. In doing so you will be able to contact one of Euromobil’s official dealers.

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