High-quality mattresses: sweet dreams from Somnium

You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s always good to remind each other that we spend a third of our lives sleeping! We are literally talking about decades spent in bed. That’s why it really is important to equip yourself with the right kind of support like the one offered by Somnium mattresses.

Usually we spend our time focusing on furniture, but after choosing the right bed frame, you need a high-quality mattress to perfect the bedroom. That’s why we wanted to take a closer look at this field through Somnium’s proposals.

Company history and philosophy

Its full name is in reality Somnium by Imaflex as the company was founded at the end of the last century in Padua via the manufacturing experience of Imaflex. The goal from early on was to completely rely on Italian creativity and the Italian production process to obtain high-quality products.

More specifically, Somnium’s mission is to improve the quality of rest and allow us to live better in our day-to-day lives. This is a truly pertinent subject matter, especially at a time when most of us work sitting down, spend lots of time looking at screens, and, more generally, are stressed out which forces us to deal with minor physical ailments and difficulty sleeping.

However, there are many types of bodies, routines, and needs. Therefore, there must be specific mattresses for everybody. That’s why Somnium’s collections are so vast and variegated. “To each their own Somnium, to each their own lifestyle” is the company’s philosophy. Let’s try and achieve balance between body, mind, and emotions while equipped with the perfect mattress.

Six types of Somnium mattresses

Rigid mattresses, soft mattresses, spring mattresses, latex mattresses, hypoallergenic mattresses, ergonomic mattresses, orthopedic mattresses, climate-controlled mattresses, slip-covered…How many mattresses are there? Lots and lots of them and you can find all of the characteristics, and others, among Somnium’s dozens of mattresses.

If we just focus on the materials of the structure, the company offers six types:

  1. Helix adaptive foam springs
  2. Latex mattresses
  3. Aquapure and Aquapure Soya mattresses
  4. Pocketed springs and micro-pocketed spring mattresses
  5. Bonnell spring mattresses
  6. Elastocell mattresses

Within each type it is possible to choose the characteristics based on your own needs

Choosing the right mattress for you

Among so many options, how can you choose the right product for you? We obviously recommend you get assistance from an expert because what appears to be a simple mattress is in fact a technological product with specific features.

However, being a technological and innovative company, Somnium has developed an online test to help us choose. Try it out! You will be surprised at how many factors get taken into consideration when choosing the right mattress.

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