Entryway furniture: four compositions

Carefully choosing entryway furniture is important for making the space near your door both beautiful and functional. This passage area can play much more than a marginal role in your home. In fact, it is the first and last place we see when we enter and leave and the first space which guests lay their eyes on.

Whether it is a small hallway or a corner which opens onto the living room, its furniture must fit your everyday needs (i.e., places to store your objects and clothes) but can also define the home’s style.

Modular entryway furniture

One possible solution for furnishing the entryway is opting for modular systems to create ad hoc compositions. To find some inspiration, we browsed the extensive catalog of Moretti Compact, the perfect brand for those looking for custom compositions and bright colors both in the living rooms and bedrooms.

Among the many proposals, we have chosen four with various styles and elements which can get you inspired or you can outright copy. Which of these pieces of entryway furniture would be perfect in your home?

Composition LV207

moretti compact

The first composition opts for a decidedly blue-gray color palette with a splash of mustard yellow on the mirror frame.

It includes suspended Wall Boxes which purposefully differ in shape to give a more dynamic effect. With or without doors, these cubes are perfect for collecting the objects we put down as we enter the home (e.g., keys) and for displaying decorative pieces with which we wish to show off the home.

The mirror, which is vital for fixing yourself just before leaving the home, is a simple square like the containers and has a colorful frame which contrasts with the color of the wall. For this entryway, a wooden, discrete, and easy-to-move standing coat rack has been chosen to which you can add a shoe rack with pieces from Moretti Compact.

Composition LV208

This entryway’s style is first and foremost defined by the choice of a soft-toned and striking wallpaper in black and white which contains large mandala patterns. The entryway furniture in this scene must therefore be discrete.

A small hanging console which is made up of three wooden and lacquered modules act as desk organizers and containers. Meanwhile, the mirror is quite large and can be used to fix yourself up, put on makeup, and add light to dark space. The umbrella holder is modest, minimalist, and square just like the hanging modules.

Finally, there are two small hooks on the wall which allow you to hang up clothes. For those who can’t stand a mess, you can put the rest away in a drawer or directly in the bedroom.

Composition MC037

The third proposal is centered around slightly unusual entryway furniture: a suspended bookshelf, a set of drawers, and a soft chair for comfortably putting on your shoes.

The set of drawers is made with Wall Box elements (assembled off-kilter thanks to a system of central pins) each with their own color: from lacquered hazelnut to blackberry, and melamine wood. The Flexa bookshelf is a slender element which has been made to showcase a few meaningful objects. All of the entryway furniture here has a light tone in contrast with the dark blue wall.

Lastly, the choice to not include a visible coat rack is the preferred solution for those who want a tidy and flawless space. This clearly means that a large dresser, which should be chosen based on the home, is needed to put clothes away

Composition LV209

Here we have a youthful and dynamic entryway where there must be space for everyday objects like a bicycle. In this space, the objects can be put away and concealed, but can also be left out slightly messy on the ample top of the furniture.

There is a sideboard, a shelf, a mirror, two hooks on the wall, and a plant (a must for a green space). There are minimalist forms and everything plays off of the choice of colors, like the lacquered cherry red details which light up the composition.

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