Homo Faber, the beauty of savoir-faire

COVER: Visual Homo Faber 2022 ©Michelangelo Foundation

Homo Faber, the international event that promotes artisanal talent, is returning to light up Venice from April 10 to May 1, 2022. The lagoon city and its islands will once again host site-specific installations, exhibitions, and outdoor workshops to take us on a journey to discover antique traditions, artisanal techniques and Venice’s countless studios and ateliers.

After the inaugural edition held in 2018, Homo Faber Event is back after the interruption due to Covid in 2020 with Homo Faber: Crafting a more human future and returns to the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice with the new cultural drive of “well-made beauty”.

Once again, the vision of an international team of curators and partners will offer a stimulating perspective on the importance of the concept of “craft” for contemporary society. Human integrity, economic sustainability, skills, job growth, social inclusion, and diversity are all aspects which will be included in redefining the term “craft”.  This will be discussed in the Homo Faber Event promoted by the Michelangelo Foundation, the international non-profit institution which supports international artisans throughout the world.

There will be an impressive variety of materials, skills, techniques and goods at the event, as the participants include design brands, furniture companies, emerging artists, and well-known brands in the sector. From functional objects of everyday use to more sculptural decorative pieces, digital experiences and more creative expositions, the event will put the role of craftsmanship geared towards a more sustainable and inclusive future on display with a focus on the relationship between Europe and Japan.

This program cannot be missed as it offers an entire month’s worth of spectacular, evocative and appealing events with over 15 exhibitions, 12 Japanese living national treasures and over 400 unique objects handmade by 350 designers and artisans from 30 countries.

For those who would like to continue this beauty-inspired journey and go beyond Venice’s borders, just consult the Homo Faber Guide. This digital platform entirely dedicated to European artistic craftsmanship includes many different itineraries and artisanal destinations around the world which you can visit and explore. From Murano to Paris, Greece and Armenia, you can let savoir-faire be your guide as you experience unforgettable adventures in perfect handmade style.

Where: Homo Faber, Venice, Italy
When: April 10- May 1, 2022


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