Happy birthday, Flos: the exclusive Arco K

Flos is celebrating its sixtieth birthday with the motto “See the stars again”. And speaking of stars, the brand’s iconic Arco lamp designed in 1962 by the Castiglioni brothers couldn’t help but make an appearance on the red carpet. This time, naturally, it comes in an exclusive limited edition: Arco K with a crystal base. “We concentrated on the unmistakable style of the Arco, enhancing it with an invisible base made with transparent crystal. We altered this material for small surfaces with a custom-made machine,” explained Roberta Silva, the brand’s CEO.

An icon like the Arco can’t help but be timeless, but in this new version it somehow becomes even more sculptural, sleek and artistic. This genuine work of art is available in 2022 pieces which can be ordered online and comes in a wooden box (just like the crates at art galleries). Lastly, there is an encrypted NFT for each one with a serial number. It’s funny how certain designer works are somehow always able to keep up with the times.