Concrete-look porcelain stoneware: the delicate textures of Ragno’s Clayton collection

Flooring in concrete-look porcelain stoneware is becoming a more and more popular choice for those renovating their homes. These floors which are capable of giving the spaces a refined and modern look are inspired by the textures and nuances of concrete, but contain the advantages and features of porcelain stoneware.

Clayton is one of Ragno’s most recent releases which perfectly interprets the unique texture of concrete in all of its sophisticated and trendy nuances.

Not only does Clayton offer an earthy palette of colors, it also provides a series of botanic or geometric decors so you can create unique and personalized spaces.

Clayton’s features

The Clayton collection includes a variety of neutral and natural colors which allow you to create elegant and harmonious atmospheres. The realistic and vibrant texture is created thanks to a cutting-edge technology called 3D Ink which will be spoken about later.

Specifically, Clayton is available in:

  • 6 colors: Fabric, Nude, Earth, Iron, Smoke, Dark Grey
  • 4 sizes: 100×100, il 60×120, il 60×60 e il 30×60 cm.
  • 3 surfaces: Naturale R9, Naturale R10 B and Strutturata R11C

The collection offers a variety of surfaces which range from softer ones fit for residential use to more robust options for the outdoors. Plus, as can be seen in the latest interior design trends, you can create fluid solutions which connect the indoors to the outdoors.

Botanical and geometric decors

Moreover, Ragno offers a series of decors which can be paired to the concrete-look porcelain stoneware flooring. In this way, you can give an impressive scenic look to the space.

Mural decor
Meridian decor
Sphere decor

Three patterns available in three decors:

  • Mural
  • Meridian
  • Sphere

Mural is a decor which uses botanical, jungle foliage patterns to create a fresh look. Plus, its surface is enhanced with matte grit to provide the coarse look of concrete.

Meanwhile, the Meridian decor pays homage to the damask fabrics used for wall tiling and is available in two variants: cold or warm.

Lastly, the Sphere decor has vintage geometries and delicate profiles.

Three technologies for sophisticated concrete-look porcelain stoneware flooring

Clayton is not simply concrete-look porcelain stoneware flooring, but an intelligent and expertly made surface which enhances the quality and look of the porcelain stoneware.

  • StepWise
  • 3D Ink
  • Touch

StepWise is a technology specifically developed for structured flooring which makes the surface easy to clean and soft to the touch without giving up on slip resistance. Therefore, it is recommended for outdoor spaces and locations with heavy foot traffic.

3D Ink provides textural realism thanks to an advanced system which combines optical recognition and high-precision printing. The 3D structures and patterns are perfectly matched on the surface, making every piece unique.

Lastly, the relief Touch technology gets applied to the decors to make them brighter. Through the use of glass grit, a 3D effect is created which gives traditional ceramic its trademark artistic look.

In conclusion

Thanks to its natural look and the variety of colors available, Clayton is fit for a wide range of spaces and furnishing styles. It can be used in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other residential or commercial areas.

The concrete-look porcelain stoneware tiles provide the possibility of creating a contemporary and minimalist atmosphere, but can also be used to add an industrial and urban look to the spaces. Plus, the Clayton collection is sustainable, as 40% of it has been made from recycled materials.

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