Interior panels: Labyrinth by Zalf

Trying to furnish spaces in a multifunctional and fluid way can be a challenge, but thanks to the new Labyrinth interior panels from Zalf, it is possible to find an elegant and functional solution.


Labyrinth is the perfect system for dividing spaces without having to resort to wall work as it offers a versatile and flexible alternative for creating distinct areas within a room. It is ideal for temporarily changing the use of some rooms, as for example in the case of home and co-working.

Made with high-quality materials, these panels have been designed to be light, easy-to-install, and simple to move, allowing one to create various configurations based on specific needs.

The Labyrinth panels

In accordance with Zalf’s vision of “Design that generates spaces”, the Labyrinth panels have been designed to redefine the concept of the living space. As with dividing walls, the panels can be positioned to create small rooms or divide spaces where various activities are carried out.

Whether it is a studio apartment or large open space, the important thing is to find the right solution for managing one’s work or home needs. In this way, the space gets tailored to our daily routines.

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The main features of the Labyrinth panels

The Labyrinth system is made up of combinable fabric panels which are 6-cm thick and come in three sizes: small, medium and large. They are padded and upholstered in removable fabric or eco-leathers with a metal connection plate and burnished-finished metal hinges.

  • Versatility: The Labyrinth panels can be used in various situations, like dividing a living room from a dining room or creating a bedroom in an open space or a study in the living room
  • Easy to install: Thanks to their intelligent design, the Labyrinth panels can be easily assembled and disassembled without having to make permanent changes to the pre-existing structure.
  • Flexibility: The panels can be positioned in various configurations to fit to ever-changing needs. This flexibility allows one to change and adapt to the interior spaces based on individual requirements.
  • Integrated solutions: Zalf also offers storage and structural elements which can be integrated into the Labyrinth panels. This allows one to create comprehensive and custom solutions to optimize the space.

SpaceMakers Home: the evolution of the home according to Zalf

SpaceMakers Home is an innovative project which came out of a collaboration between Zalf’s R&D center and Roberto Gobbo. This system includes modular storage units which have been designed to rationally and efficiently resolve the home’s storage and partition needs.

Flexible spaces and multitasking are the new requirements of modern homes, which are looking for solutions to ease living together and accommodating new activities. SpaceMakers Home responds to these needs, turning the home into an office, laboratory, gym and study area.

With SpaceMakers Home from Zalf, the home becomes a functional and versatile space which is fit for one’s various everyday needs and the dynamics of contemporary life.

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