Home walls: the Architype™ revolution

Architype™ is the new system from Caccaro which revolutionizes the concept of the domestic space by replacing rigid home walls with innovative furniture. Presented at the latest edition of the Salone del Mobile at the No-Wall House exhibition, the system was designed in collaboration with the designer Monica Graffeo, the company’s Art Director.

What exactly is it? Architype™ is a flexible closing and dividing system which has been made to replace the home’s walls. The system is designed to free spaces from rigid layouts and provide light, mobile, and easily modifiable solutions.

Flexible home walls and a fluid life

In contemporary interior design projects, the home’s walls are disappearing more and more as a reflection of the need for flexibility and fluidity in everyday life.

This is where the innovative Architype™ system comes into play. Plus, it also perfectly integrates with Caccaro’s other two systems: Freedhome® and Wallover®. Thanks to the perfect combination of finishes, sizes, and functionalities, everything harmoniously fits together.

The tools for creating Architype™: Boiserie and Door

Architype™ offers the right tools to create a fluid atmosphere thanks to two aesthetic and functional solutions: the Boiserie (in a Plus and Light version) and the Door—elements designed to adapt the space to different personal needs.

  • Boiserie

Boiserie was specifically designed to cover walls, corners, and columns, but its versatility doesn’t end there. It can also be seamlessly combined with the Freedhome® system for a double-sided solution. This combination allows for the use of the Boiserie as a partition and organizational unit in the space without the need of additional masonry.

Moreover, the Boiserie can even hold the suspended units of the Wallover® System, accessories, and the beds of the collection. Thanks to the integration of finishes, sizes, and functionalities, a fluid and uninterrupted space gets created which is characterized by aesthetic harmony and soft atmospheric lighting, which can also be integrated into the system.

  • Door

Door provides significant design advantages to Architype™. It combines the Boiserie to the Freedhome® system, closing the line of the wall and allowing for the possibility of creating a passage between the two rooms. With its perfect aesthetic integration, Door turns the storage capacity of Freedhome® into an opportunity to organize the space in a functional way. It becomes a genuine storage wall which fits the needs of the surrounding space.

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Caccaro, a company at the forefront of storage systems

Founded as a small artisanal business, Caccaro grew over the years into becoming a big international company aimed at Industry 4.0 organization. Design research and innovation have led Caccaro products towards new and more sophisticated solutions with a particular specialization in storage systems and the organization of spaces.

With its new Architype™/Freedhome®/Wallover® systems, Caccaro has gone beyond the traditional concept of designer furniture and has offered a revolutionary architectural take on the domestic space.

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