Drying rack: Foxydry, the space-saving and remote-controlled model

We typically ask the classic drying rack to be compact, spacious and space-saving. We want it to hold our clothes, towels and sheets without taking up too much space and without forcing us to jam our wet clothes together; and we want to be able to put it away easily when it is no longer needed. That’s why Foxydry invented a completely new drying rack in 2015.

Space-saving, technological, intuitive, versatile and designer, the ceiling and wall models proposed by the all-Italian brand Foxdry are the highly functional answers to our wishes. Designed to be raised manually or electronically, they disappear from view when not needed and can be freely adjusted in height so we can effortlessly hang up the laundry.

Foxydry Air, the remote-controlled model (available both as a wall or ceiling model), is the perfect for easily hanging up the laundry, as you can raise or lower it to your height.

Easy-to-handle and spacious, Foxydry Air can hold a load of 35 kg and is also equipped with two built-in ventilation fans which ease drying and an LED lamp which also acts as a standalone light. Plus, compared to traditional drying racks, Foxydry Air contains the highest quality and most resistant materials. Completely made in Italy, it is constructed in anodized aluminum and steel so as to offer the highest performance in terms of durability, load capacity and lightness. The plastic components have been reduced to a minimum and each detail has been meticulously cared for: from the sliding mechanisms to the pulley, rods, supports and even the instruction manuals. Foxydry Air has no issues with temperature changes and rust, so it can be installed in any room: above the bathtub, in the laundry room and even the living room. It provides the perfect combination of practicality and all-Italian knowhow.



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